An Eclectic Collage is a collection of poems that studies not only the vicissitudes of the natural world but that of humanity, as well. His most challenging subjects are men and women and the interactions between the two, although there is something equally mesmerizing about the changing foliage of fall from green to oranges and reds.
He could be living with you.   He could be living next to you.   He could be a relative.   He could be a friend or a business colleague.   He could be your boss or your mentor or serving you at your local supermarket. He may even be your husband or lover. 
 But You Know Him.
 These are the personal experiences of, me, Sonya, a lady from a corporate background who spent many years working as a high quality escort in Auckland New Zealand.
Lorraine has been in the bridal business for 30 years, and has adored every minute of the time spent helping brides and their families. It has been a special experience seeing dreams come true.  She has been privy to secrets, home truths, and revelations.   Also, she has been blessed with the shared love and appreciation of many. It has been a delightful journey and she thanks those who chose to share it with her.
This book is about changing your mindset so that you can enjoy life, plan your life, achieve more in the same time. Be more satisfied within and most of all to be more comfortable on being who you are and being totally satisfied in your own skin/body. Reading this book will change your life for the better.
"What is wisdom and why do we need it? 

For thousands of years, we?ve tried to answer those two questions. Yet even the most dedicated students often find the path to wisdom daunting.

The Seven Stone Path: An Everyday Journey to Wisdom explores seven archetypal ideas found throughout the world?s wisdom traditions, turning them into tools anyone can use to deepen and enrich their lives. 

The seven ideas are acceptance, surrender, engagement, allowance, enjoyment, love, and integration. The goal of this book is to broaden our understanding of these crucial ideas and root them deeply into our everyday lives. 
Moving toward wisdom is not an esoteric practice reserved only for specialists and insiders. Cultivating wisdom, like breathing, is an innate, natural process available to everyone. 
Discover how following the seven stone path will allow you to emerge from a cave of conditioned consciousness a little wiser, a little freer, and a lot happier."
Dr. Dwelle shares vignettes comprised of stories, poems, and adventures providing insights into events that have significantly influenced his character, faith, dreams, and life transitions stretching from North Dakota to South America, Africa, and Eastern Europe. As you walk with the author on his sojourn you will experience the emotions and lessons learned by this Christian physician in his walk of faith.
Self regulation helps us concentrate, manage disappointment, reach out to others, and engage in the world. Regulation skills are key to healthy emotions and behavior. On the other hand, when we?re prone to dysregulation, we may experience learning difficulties, poor mental health, and aggression.

?	How does regulation influence the way we feel and behave?
?	What changes regulation for better and for worse?
?	What are common ways we become dysregulated?
?	How do targeted interventions improve our ability to stay regulated?
In Regulation from the Inside Out, author Dr. Carolen Hope explores these questions and provides more than forty activities, reflections, and experiences for regulation mastery in children and adults. This guide is organized around three systems and the basic needs that often drive dysregulation: the need to be safe, to be seen, and to be accepted.

Using clear and accessible language, it draws from disciplines like neuroscience, mindfulness, trauma therapies, and movement and exercise research. The suggested activities and strategies are designed to strengthen regulation skills to elicit positive change.
At the age of seven years old, Julia was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. This was during a time when there was little awareness that children do contract this disease. This is her journey from being wheelchair bound to graduating from Vanderbilt University with a double major. The journey she traveled was filled with obstacles and opportunties. The obstacles included eight joint replacement surgeries (the first at age 15), a major cervical fusion surgery, and numerous other surgical procedures. The opportunities she had included marriage, being a mother, serving as an advocate for others with disabilities through volunteer activities with the Athritis Foundation at the local, state, and national levels. She also had opportunity to share her faith in Jesus Christ as she walked the road set before her.

Julia believed in the teamwork, concept of dealing with her disease. Her team was led by Jesus, with her family, friends, and medical staff rounding out her team. It was Julia?s desire that through her journey others would see the strength and hope she experienced. Most importantly she shares that the Lord gives victory amid adversity. She knew this to be true because she has traveled this road.
"How to Hold a Glue Stick and other Clues to Parenting
Life as a parent, especially a first time parent, is not so easy and Froukje Matthews has combined her Montessori teaching experience with the knowledge gained over the years as a parent. "
In 2003, Louis would have to orchestrate his greatest comeback ever. After a near fatal motorcycle accident, which projected his body into the air resulting in debilitating injuries, Louis was told by his doctors that he would never walk again.
If you had a dream that you wanted to come true, how far would you go to make it happen? Little Stone House on the Corner is an inspirational, fiction book about a magical house that can make people?s dreams come true through the power of belief and action. When a young couple, Ryan and Tara, move into this little stone house on the corner and follow the guidance this house offers, they embark on a life changing adventure of a lifetime.
His name is Santa Claus. Every Christmas, he is everywhere, and his name fills the mind with visions of sugar plums and presents under the tree.
But have you ever wondered what it was like to be him?
Hop in the sleigh and take a ride with John Johnson, a real-life Christian Santa who has been spreading good cheer over four decades.
In Simply Saint Nick, he shares his experiences, reveals historical and spiritual truths, and spreads a message of faith. As you join the author on his incredible journey, you will receive the most special of gifts.
God has a purpose or calling for each and every one of us, a way for us to bring praise and glory through service. The author found his purpose early on in life, and he has never regretted putting on Santa's red coat.
Discover how the author has had the time of his life bringing smiles to children of all ages, earning a spot in the International Santa Claus Hall of Fame and sharing God?s love as a beloved holiday icon.
"""Living These Days: 102 Insights in the Direction of Wholeness"" is a thoughtfully curated collection of guidance for anyone seeking to find harmony and wholeness in their daily lives. These insights, drawn from Burr's extensive work as a spiritual coach, cut through the noise of modern living, providing readers with practical, actionable steps towards personal growth and wellness.

Each insight is a lens through which to view your life, a beacon guiding you towards a more balanced, mindful existence. Richard Burr elegantly navigates themes of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and spiritual wellness, providing a comprehensive roadmap towards personal fulfillment. This book isn't just about self-improvement?it's about self-discovery and embracing the richness of human experience.

Whether you're seeking a source of daily inspiration, or a pathway to transformative change, ""Living These Days"" is a must-read. Immerse yourself in the wisdom Richard Burr offers, and let his gentle, insightful guidance help you navigate your way towards a life lived more fully, more mindfully, and in a state of wholeness. Dive in, and start living these days to their fullest potential."
Frederick Bennett, from an Irish Catholic family in Bendigo, travelled to Melbourne to seek his fortune. There he met Vida Bunting, eighth child of Samuel and Elleanora, at the beginning of the First World War. Their friendship blossomed but life didn't treat them kindly.
This Book is about.... •Why bullying is no good •How forgiving others helps heal our heart •Giving a helping hand •Why helping others, is important •Why changing the way you think, can lead to friendship`s that last a life time
This Book is about... •Enjoying sharing and helping others •Showing that you care by sharing with others •Sharing a house with a blue mouse •Helping a red whale caught by its tail •Being the best that you can be •Making learning fun with your child
There is no available information at this time.
Once again, Rosie offers her wisdom with innocence and open curiosity in this third book in the series Rosie Knows.
Come dream along with Zach, a young adult with special needs. Every person struggles and has obstacles to overcome. Zach is no different.
Living and growing with grief is not simple or easy, but this guide can help you on your journey.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), ageism leads to poorer health among young and old; social isolation, earlier deaths and cost economies billions. To combat ageism, WHO recommends educational activities that enhance empathy and dispel misconceptions, and intergenerational activities to reduce prejudice.
The readers should be motivated by the passionate approach even the author was born with severe diarrhoea illness. The reverse might give a mighty force to a person the power who deserved it - "Be like a butterfly, go where you can fulfil your life purpose." (with permission from Eric Chia 2019).


Add another self-published nonfiction in your library and keep yourself informed and entertained!

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For only 99¢ each, fill your digital shelves with this month’s special E-Book deals on the following titles.


Inspire and educate growing minds. Give the next generation a self-published masterpiece from our vibrant Children's Book collection.

A girl saves a baby wolf from a cruel trap and she and the wolf form a deep attachment with the bond of friendship, proving loyalty, love and heroism against great odds, especially a dangerous wolf pack to be known far and wide as Triple Scar and the Six Pack.
This book tells the story of a rhinoceros and his friendship with an elephant following the rhino saving the elephant from a muddy death.
It highlights that physical disabilities should not deter one from attempting to achieve goals and to be accepted by others as you are.
This book introduces the author to you, the reader, and tells of the wonderful relationship between the author and an elephant and the search by the author to learn about the elephant?s history.
There are several stories in this book about this very big and very brave elephant,  some of his friends,  and people he helped at great danger to himself.
It is a story highlighting that being able to help others in times of crisis is thanks enough in itself for a job well done.
This is my favorite book and best to be read last.
In hand to hand combat a geologist finds himself saving the life of a polar bear from hunters, and later saving one of her cubs trapped in a crevasse.
His bravery was repaid some years later, when he finds himself injured and grave danger of freezing to death.
This book contains many interesting facts.
This story tells how a giant clam accidentally traps a deep-sea diver last century before the invention of scuba diving equipment. The diver is unable to escape from the vice-like grip of the clam while all the time his air supply is getting very low.   Will help arrive on time?
Enjoy the read and learn some new words and facts. Knowledge is free.
Udi and The Animals is a story of a lonely girl who loved animals and found comfort in them. One day she prayed and received a gift of understanding and speaking animal language.
Udi and The Animals is a story of a lonely girl who loved animals and found comfort in them. One day she prayed and received a gift of understanding and speaking animal language.


Explore uncharted kingdoms, solve ancient mysteries, or make your own adventure from one of our novels.

Prison Chronicles is a realistic look inside a world where the man with the most game controlled the field. Sex, drugs and violence was just the tip of the iceberg, beneath the surface was another world. A world controlled by greed. Prison Chronicles is a tale about Malcolm James journey into the prison society. The emotional battles he faced with family, to the internal struggles with his flesh. The choices he makes are not always the right ones but his desire to come out on top is what separated him from the others. He encountered all types of people in his quest for freedom. Some became friends, some became lovers, while others were just tools used to reach the top. Through it all, he kept his head up when the weight of the world would have crushed others. Was there light at the end of his tunnel or just another train wreck heading his way?
Tim Harrison is back, years away from his problems in Whipping Post. He’s now a company driver for Saxon Brothers Trucking in Dallas Texas. He has settled down on a ranch outside of the town of Cave Creek Arizona. He and his dog, Rory, are assigned a steady route between El Paso Texas and Tijuana Mexico, but Tim’s still fighting demons from the rape and murder of his wife.
When a fellow Saxon Brothers trucker is murdered by a theft ring working out of El Paso Texas, Tim’s old buddy, JD Tolliver, gets involved in hunting down the gang. In the process, JD winds up the hospital.
Now with two employees having been attacked by the same theft ring, and no word from the police, the owner of Saxon’s, John Saxon, get involved. He enlists Tim’s aid, pulling him back into a situation Tim is not sure he wants to become involved with. He has other things, like possibly a new love life, on his mind.
Nine-year-old Punchi stands at the base of Mount Fear and dreams of one day climbing the gigantic mountain. In her head, she hears the voice of Mr Doubt, lurking within to bring her nervous feelings and worried thoughts. But with the help of Mr Brave, she can accomplish her goals.

Starting from the base of Mount Fear, Punchi goes on a journey that brings her face-to-face with many qualities that live within her?Mr Brave, Mr Courage, Mrs Faith, and the Confidence twins. These friends accompany and guide Punchi as she learns more about herself and about different ways to deal with the world and other people. She discovers that she can overcome her fears and anxiety by relying on her own inner wisdom and persevering against challenges that arise. Punchi learns to build up her confidence and knows she can accomplish anything.

This children?s story follows one little girl as she works to face her fears and doubts and begins to develop her courage, faith, and self-confidence.
Ralphie, also known as Kid Dino, loves dinosaurs and knows a lot about them. But he never expected to be up close and pesonal with these animals that are now extinct. Hit by electromagnetic radiation, Ralphie transforms, like Spiderman, into a hero with superhuman strength. Is it enough to save his mom?

This picture book for children follows Ralphie who uses his knowledge and imagination to save his mom from an uncertain fate.
After Stevie finds a reason to breathe from the depths of his despair, he is caught in the war of the eclipse, where the lunar luster and the lambent moon entwine. They collide in the coldest tempest beneath the louring heights that graze the stars of P...
Two mischievous Christmas ornaments—one silver and the other red—are fed up with hanging in their usual place at the bottom of the tree. High above them perched a beautiful yet smug and frilly angel who sits high atop the tree in all her elaborate glory.

When the ornaments decide this year is going to be different, they begin a determined journey up the tree. While on their way, they must navigate other ornaments and branches to fulfill their mission of taking the angel’s place at the very top of the Christmas tree. But when they arrive, they learn a valuable lesson that makes this the best Christmas ever.

In this charming tale for children, two rebellious ornaments determined to replace the angel atop the Christmas tree learn that sometimes being just where you are is the best gift of all.
Despite their longing for a better world, people aren?t trying hard enough. If you?re distressed by that, Zoa?s Arks offers a place to share rage, and may nudge a few people to try harder.

Bilal, whose family is tragically affected by a racial hate crime, becomes disillusioned with slow social progress. A college friend muses that humans might expedite change by embracing ?some sort of bigger education? that evokes oneness based on science and history. Initially skeptical, Bilal adopts her idea.

He is later touched by an account of a man who aids a wild animal hit by a car. Bilal wonders how the world would be if more people acted with such compassion. He travels globally and is heartbroken by how people mistreat each other and other animals. He sees these oppressions intersect.

Bilal works hard advocating for all lives, but folks remain sluggish to reform. Dismissing his friend?s warnings, he resorts to helping a mysterious individual named Zoa carry out an apocalyptic scheme that expedites change by force. This alters life on Earth and creates unexpected hardships, but delivers an immediate victory to animals and an opportunity for humanity.
Presented from deep within the Heart of Texas, a new face of horror emerges out of the darkness with a little romantic TWIST, as you begin the journey into the sweetest of nightmares.
Curtis Lee Parker presents,
The Demon Client!
No information available at this time. Author will provide once available.
Go Play In Traffic (A Writer?s Life), is a tale of writing, loss, friendship and telepathy during the COVID Pandemic. Reba, a 74-year-old lesbian, finds herself in a state of limbo after a year of writer?s block, the beginning of retirement, and the break-up of a long-term relationship.  A surprise connection with Fred, an African grey parrot, is a call to life that sets in motion a path of the unexpected.   In this state of grief and magic, Reba creates stories exploring the fantastical in the everyday.



Rediscover your spirituality from our diverse and extensive Religion shelf.

The Deacon?s Handbook is more than just a resource for those serving as deacons and those who aspire to be one.
The fact is that you don?t have to be a deacon to apply principles that God would smile upon. The wisdom in this handbook transcends sex, age, and educational background. In other words, it may be geared for deacons, but it can benefit anyone.
Leonard Gillams, a longtime ordained deacon, observes that while no one is perfect, how we behave informs ourselves, others, and God Himself on how we are measuring up to His Holy standards. He considers questions such as:
How did the deacon?s ministry develop?
How can a deacon effectively interact with a congregation?
How can a deacon build a strong spiritual foundation from which to serve the church?
The author emphasizes that just as God holds deacons responsible for the churches they serve, He also expects them to take care of their families.
Get guidance to succeed at church and at home with wisdom steeped in Scripture and firsthand experience.
Breathe In the Joy reveals my on-going journey as a Soul experiencing a human lifetime. I have shared experiences that enabled me to pull a positive, and there is one, out of every negative.  If you are ready to open to your spiritual path, there is an array of signs and events that you have already experienced that will support your journey.  The ones I have disclosed are common to many and indicate that there is much more to us than our five-sensory perception of life. This is my story of opening to spirit. May it validate yours.
Through a glass darkly is a peculiar phrase. It implies that we can’t comprehend reality through the lens of personal experience. While the Bible offers worthwhile principles for living, it is not a reference of authority to someone who hasn’t acknowledged it as truth. So rather than wrestle with ideology, let’s change the focus and consider ourselves as evidence of a Divine Personality!
Because I Made You That Way presents twelve contentions for the way God designed you to recognize Him. This book offers an explanation for why God made you the way you are—not your flesh and bone, but your mind, will and spirit. Topics are grouped in three sections: How You Were Born, What You Have, and What You Want. In these chapters you’ll find thoughts and ideas that drive home each point with tongue-in-cheek humor along the way.
This book was written for men seeking focus and validation of the Christian message. It is pragmatic, including “Deal With It” study questions to provoke thought and discussion. Because I Made You That Way is a spiritual commentary that explores human nature and the way that perceptions influence a man’s world view. Ultimately it attests that human nature directs us to the personality of God.
Do you want to reclaim your nation, your family, your church, and your life? Then this is what God is calling you to do! To help you understand that calling, author Terry Hartikka offers his life message from heaven to you.
The Time is here the time is now, we're in the last hours not days anymore. For what's a thousand years to my Lord or even a year but minutes in His Kingdom.
In a world where success is predominately measured by how much money we have in the bank, the size of our financial portfolio, and how prestigious our lives are, there have been great American Entrepreneurs who have chosen to take the path less traveled – to be truly compassionate and giving. They risked judgement, ridicule, and their fortunes; but in doing so they realized they could never out give God.
The Author considers it a privilege to be the writer of this unique Book of Poems of testimonies, teachings, prayers, and Prophecy of Divine Power, all being inspired by the Holy Spirit through her journey to the Cross and Salvation. Each page stands on its own, touching the heart of those who embrace the work of the Cross and the written Word, the Bible.
Many believers are distraught concerning what they witness going on in their local Black churches today."


Absorb vibrant cultures and perspectives from our collection of prose and rhymes.

These are inspirational poems that are affirming, provoking and has a powerful impact. It has rhythm while the words rhyme.

It is recommended that you flick through the pages and read the poems in front of you. It is also available as an E-book and the most advanced Audiobook version.

This is the first of the five volumes so grab your copy now! And watch out for the next releases!
This is Jerry Garland's second attempt at publication.  ?A Garland Sampler? (2000) had very limited circulation, due to an inability to promote it, but didn?t stop his writing poetry.  It is a compilation of Poetry and Prose assembled over a few years.  The poems are generally written as a response to News and Views of the day.  The Prose are a few  reminiscences of his life and activities.
This will do better.  Wait and see, he says.

	Be prepared to be amused by the odd ways of the characters here portrayed in the first section of the book devoted to Limericks.

	Be prepared to feel sympathy for their mishaps and trials.

	But especially be prepared  to be shocked by their goings-on and shenanigans - the forger, the glutton, the cheat, the drunkard, the proud, the greedy, the slothful, the unfaithful, the exhibitionist, the sex-mad, the dominatrix, the cougar, the transsexual, the transvestite, the masochist, the homosexual and many more. 
	However also enjoy the more gentle humour of the later lengthier works set both in the UK and Australia which include homage to the Australian love of sport and the beach as well as a sad childhood tale."
Inspired by her former pastor, Robert (Bob) Greene, who closed church services with beautifully prepared prayers, Melissa began to compose her own prayers for a church bible study group. Group members encouraged her to publish them in a book, and she decided to do it. A first time author, Melissa prays that these prayers encourage the reader to strengthen their own prayer life with God.
"<p>Grief can feel so lonely.<br>
You are not alone.<br>
After her father died, Lena Marocco Paulauskas found healing in sharing her story with others walking through loss. Now in a debut collection of poetry, Chasing Time candidly explores the grief journey through the eyes of a woman who understands the pain, the sorrow, and the healing that accompanies loss.<br>
When you lose someone you love,<br>
Your life is changed<br>
Life seems so different.<br>
Even the good memories<br>
Are plagued with sadness,<br>
Knowing you can?t<br>
Make any new memories with them.<br>
Will you walk through grief with me?<br>
I can?t promise Joy.<br>
You won?t find empty platitudes.<br>
You will find:<br>
?Lena?s collection of poetry gives voice to grief in breathtaking ways. She holds space for vulnerable emotion and honest hope and reminds us to live and love well. Chasing Time is a gift?for your own grieving heart, and for those you love.?<br>
?ANGELA DONADIO, Ministry Leader, Author, Host of the Make Life Matter Podcast<br>
?If you?re looking for a sense of purpose or a moment of understanding, Lena?s words will surround you in a much-needed embrace.?<br>
?DANIELLA MASON, Singer, Songwriter</p>"


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