Poetry, humor, illustrations, a personal examination of mental challenges along with a deep grasp of spiritual matters infuse this big, readable work by Rich Melcher.
This book attempts to show where the public is being deceived into believing erroneous assumptions as factual by the media and in academic circles worldwide without scientific corroboration and provides a contrarian view to the predominant consensus.
This book discusses Jesus’s seven “I am” sayings in the Gospel according to John. Each one is presented in three ways: “Who Jesus Is,” “What Jesus Does,” and “What Jesus Wants Us to Do.”
Many have tried to understand Revelation, but evidently few have actually taken the visions apart to study their chronology.
My conception towards life has been a fight since I was a child until now as an adult. Not born into money, or wealth as they say. I have tried to do a good job making a living for myself. Though I am an artist (painter), as you know, artists starve. I am a songwriter but that too in today's age is very hard to accomplish.
I began this endeavor because I too, love poetry and music. Through mothers’ voice, artistically, mine own begun, to resonate; at high pitch when asked of me, in well-formed formulae. Bound, within these pages is my magnum opus.
In 1993 I became an aspirant of Prem Rawat and this breath and in the process of falling in love with life and taking the journey within, I was by myself often and with a desire to express what I was feeling, "My Cloak of Colors" began its journey. I also started to browse my diaries and after chiseling some words off around the writings I found poems, written years before.
This is a book for everyone. In using the metaphor comparing the raising of the seed of wheat with that of a baby, the importance of a nurturing environment is presented. Using a poem for structure, accompanied by colorful illustrations that convey the message in each stanza, we can better understand the significance of a good start in life.
Poems from a Gypsy Heart
This book contains a collection of poems that masterfully describes the many emotions and thoughts pertaining to the addict, alcoholic, the sexually abused, and the mentally disturbed. It has been displayed in a poetic art form that everyone can relate to.
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The 3D identity you have lived out, consciously and unconsciously, was chosen by your soul, your oversoul, your highest expression of you, and God. But you have lived unconsciously for far too long, hindering the growth of your soul and, more importantly, hurting and polluting Gaia, the nucleus and epicenter of the intergalactic community.
New leaders have tremendous potential to be the next generation of church leaders, but for many, biblical character development was not a foundational part of growing up.
The atheist, the agnostic and the devout religious alike; each and every one of us must at some point come to address these universal questions – Why are we here? How did we get here? What is the meaning of life? Why are there so many divisions in our Christian churches? Why are so many people deceived by a multitude of worldly religions? How do we witness a true Christian faith to the religions and philosophies of the world? So many questions at so great a cost for the wrong answers…
George Topp believed in God but often relied on himself when making and carrying out decisions. He was not inclined to ask God for help but May 3, 2004 was the day that he found out he powerless. That day on his farm near Grace City, North Dakota, started out like any other. He had a half-dozen cows left to calf, and he was also seeding barley.
“God Is” means He exists. “God is incorporeal having no material existence, no body or form. He is omniscient (all knowing), omnipotent (all powerful), and omnipresent (in all places at once).”
In the middle of a blessed life and marriage, author Susan N. Harris and her husband, Brent, are suddenly faced with a stage 4 cancer diagnosis in June of 2019.
Does your Christian life need a spark or challenge? Have you experienced sadness, loneliness, or lack of motivation recently? Following Jesus’ time-honored tradition of parable telling, author Kathryn Ann Ransom helps you address those needs with Biblical reflections on everyday life situations, both the positive and the challenging.
Poetry, humor, illustrations, a personal examination of mental challenges along with a deep grasp of spiritual matters infuse this big, readable work by Rich Melcher.
So far, our civilization has developed only one method of communication – OUR EVERYDAY INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION.
Okay fellow, I say where are you going? I am coming to Jesus Christ. You think you can lie? I am not lying—I can’t lie—so don’t lie; never never lie.
The book of Proverbs is power packed with wisdom that will guide God’s people in daily living and is widely recognized as a source of sound, practical wisdom. It’s a rich fountain of profound but simple insight.
Hope is an endangered virtue in today’s chaotic world. Yet Christmas provides us with the inspiring reminder that our true hope lies not in the understanding that people can sometimes be good, but that God, who is good, is also faithful and loves us in our unloveliness and graces us in our gracelessness.
Every dynamic church has a strong partnership between the pastor and the active members of the congregation. A necessary ingredient for this partnership is a deep understanding and appreciation of pastoral ministry. What motivates your pastor? What are a pastor's responsibilities? What support does your pastor need?
In November 2015, author Carrie Whitehead lost her youngest child, Lezlie, in a motor vehicle accident. She struggled with every emotion possible and at times felt she could not face the day, let alone anyone in general.
Marriage God’s Way is a book to inspire Christian and s to explain how God’s instituted Marriage and scripture in the Bible his way, and that this book is inspired by God.
There Is Still Power in the Blood
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When Penman Author and Arty Illustrator are given a writing assignment. They are thrilled! But when Illustrator falls ill and has to stay in bed, a huge dilemma is created.
Follow along with Jane, a happy energetic young girl and her friends, as they gather together and play every day.
This is a story poem about a make-believe animal family that feels like they need to wear pants but can’t seem to get it to work for them. (Pants falling down is always funny).
Henry’s story can be anyone’s. It’s a tale of how to escape the humdrum of everyday life to venture out into the vast world outside of one’s own home. Sometimes, these adventures bring danger.
In the winter, when it’s cold outside, many animals find nice warm places to go to sleep and only wake up again in the spring, when the weather grows warm once more. This is called hibernation!
This is a story about a teddy bear that comes to life when seen by a little girl in a toy store and all the good times he had with her.
Yoga isn’t complicated because it’s mostly about breathing, moving your body, and then being still, all with awareness.
Inspire and educate growing minds. Give the next generation a self-published masterpiece from our vibrant Children's Book collection.


The bible states that it is appointed unto man once to die. Each of us will have to pass by death in order to reach the next stage of life: eternal life in heaven or hell. We have known about the existence of heaven and hell since the beginning of time.
This is only the beginning for “BEAUTIFUL SOULS”. We are focused on creating positive directions in our lives and the lives of others around us.
Witness the end of World War II in Europe like never before with this insightful account filled with images taken by Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower’s wartime photographer, Al Meserlin, and analysis from one of the war’s foremost scholars.
Since 1967, I have lived in two worlds, which was not my idea of living. This book is to set me free from what hand in life has dealt me, sharing with the world that is beyond belief.
Keith Pate has been saved since he was about twelve years old; when faced with the reality of his parents divorce.
Despite growing up amid the horrors of World War II as a boy in the Republic of San Marino, Olimpio Guidi considers himself lucky.
Julija Rudolf suffered from anxiety, PTSD, and social phobias for most of her life. She hid it well; that is, until she experienced workplace bullying and abuse after 17 years of company service.
The Paradigm Prophecies fuses prose and poetry in a unique format. It supports the healing energies of family, friends, communities, and all the cultures encircling the globe, potentially nurturing the entire population of the planet now and in the future.
RESCUING OUR UNDERACHIEVING SONS is a book written for school administrators, teachers, and parents of very young or school-age sons.
This is an invigorating story. The author tells about growing up peacefully in a small Southern community during the Civil Rights Movement.
Millions of people in the United States suffer from the devastating, stigmatizing mental illness called manic depression.
Are you interested in answers to prayer, including the near-death experiences of the author and his wife? Do you like poetry, light humor, answers to hard Bible questions? Then this book is for you! The author points out days-of-yore including wages, work ethics, old-school farming, singing, and more! This book is packed with inspiring stories that will make you laugh and cry.
Beauty is powerful. Beauty is physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. Beauty is obtainable. Skinside Out recognizes that every culture defines for itself what beauty is. Each contributor represents a different culture and cultural perspective.
Do you find yourself regularly breaking up and making up with your significant other? Are you in a relationship where something seems off, but you can’t seem to let go? Is there a feeling in your gut telling you that your relationship is toxic? Have you ever had that friend that you’ve known for years but you secretly dread having to spend time with? Are there times when you feel super lonely and wish you had someone to reach out to and hang out with?
Like the lotus … Rise above the muck and mire.The beautiful lotus flower has its roots in the muddy waters where it grows and from which it draws its sustenance. Yet the flower rises above it all to bloom in all its glory and bring joy to all who see it, seemingly untouched by the ugliness of where its roots are. This is why it is a symbol of the resilience of our spirits in their capacity to rise above the harsh conditions of life in this world.
What does mindful living mean? What are the advantages of mindful living? Mind for Peace uses the power of visual storytelling to take the reader on a journey of self-reflection and understanding. Through the use of photography and short text, the book creates a narrative that explains what mindful living means, its significance and importance.
We are all on individual journeys in life, walking our paths in our own way while teaching each other through our interconnectedness. Through this trajectory, we make choices that lead us to create an outcome that we hope is a life filled with happiness.
Your argument of how to protect the goose that laid the golden egg by defending freedom, civil society, and capitalism from the pernicious effects of Progressivism seems compelling to me. Moreover your account of the rise of progressivism in the U.S.
What do you do when life punches you in the gut? You may have done everything right, made the right choices, and done the right things. But regardless of your best efforts, you are face-to-face with the hard knocks of life.
Hon Justice Jumoke Pedro attended the University of Lagos Nigeria where she passed out with a 2nd class upper degree in Law in 1980. She was called to the Nigerian Bar in July 1981 to practice as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court.
Boys’ Secrets and Men’s Loves is the memoir of a law professor who has written over twenty books on the basic rights of American constitutionalism. He has been a prominent advocate of gay rights and feminism, which joins men and women in resistance.
Dr. Hazle thanks God and those who have helped him have a happy, successful, and Christian life. He takes the readers through many events that he considers the providence of God in his life including the serendipitous discovery of the first antidepressant—imipramine marketed in 1957—which was used to treat his first depression in 1975.
The Reflection Planner is a step by step planner to help mothers tune in to the strength given to them by God. In this planner, you will be walked through how to “reflect” as a mom. You will also be given tools to help when times seem insufferable.
Why is it so hard to be happy? What am I doing wrong? What is wrong with me? These are questions we ask ourselves on a regular basis. While we all do the best that we can with what we have, there’s also changes that we can make and things that we can do differently to overcome life’s challenges.
For Bill Drumm, history is not about the past. Follow Bill as he makes history, analyzes past events, and identifies clouds of war on the horizon that are warnings to us. Share his burden of command as he pilots his B-24 heavy bomber, transporting over 2,200 gallons of explosive aviation fuel from India into China, through thunder and lightning storms over the world’s highest mountains.
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Beatrix Conoway, a little girl living in the fourteenth century, has her fate sealed by the blood flowing within her veins. Little does she know that her blood will also determine the fate of the entire world many centuries later when an event occurs that is even more horrific than the one she lives through.
The Legend of Kringle is the tale of a brilliant boy who grew into a remarkable man. This astonishing story will explain everything you wanted to know about Santa Claus, that has never been told before. From his childhood adventures as Kris Nicholas Kringle, until later, when he became a man, and was given the name Santa Claus, that we all love and adore.
A tale filled with as much danger as inevitable destiny, Level of Conspiracy: Inception captures the imagination by dispelling coincidences, and exposing conspiracy.
The Ghost of BIG TOM is a story of a familys saga. Big Tom a slave brought and used as a breeder by his master on a plantation in Murfreesboro, North Carolina... cast a ghost over his ancestors for generations to come.
"The Black River" is a work of fiction, a psychological thriller to be exact. The fact that it could have happened is not that farfetched. Any time we delve into the mysteries of the human mind, we marvel at our saneness.
In eleventh century Constantinople, treachery and subterfuge are the hallmarks of courtly intrigue. Newly wed Justin Phillipos is a heavy cavalryman who, along with several other comrades and his best friend, fellow horseman Peter Argyropoulos, is about to be honored for his bravery at the court of Emperor Romanos Diogenes.
Children often feel anxious during a thunderstorm because they are very sensitive to loud noises and because they don’t understand what is happening. This book was written to help comfort children during a storm. It is a story about William, a boy who begins to feel worried as he sees a storm approaching. When the storm gets close, he gets very scared and ducks under the covers.
Brandon Michaels is a single young trial lawyer living in tropical Daytona Beach, Florida. He recently opened his own law practice and is in the process of building a practice and a reputation for himself as an effective litigator. He will accept almost any case or client who walks through his office door.
This is a story of faith, family, tradition and intrigue revolving around the Winchester family and a rural property named Gum Tree Lane, which is also the name of a large dairy farm located on the same property. Hiram Winchester, the owner of the dairy and the patriarch of the family has died quite mysteriously.
The book is about young girl named Ava who goes to dance school and loves to dance. Her favorite dance is acrobatics which she likes to do all the time. She practices by flipping all over different things, including her dog! This books is a fun adventure with Ava and her flipping gymnastics.
In a most personal and riveting work, Novelist, Donna Masotto presents, "The Consigliere". A middle-aged mafia lawyer, Declan Quinn, realizes his life is meaningless after the tragic drowning of his eight-year-old daughter.
As punishment for disobeying his superiors and bringing a Serbian killer to justice, McCord, an experienced intelligence officer with the NSA, is sent to investigate a mysterious disturbance on the Ugandan border. What he discovers is a camp manned by Russian scientists who once worked for Bio-preparat, the top secret Soviet bio-weapons facility.
No one could have imagined that the hardened heart of a sadistic serial killer beats in a small town like Huntington, West Virginia. Dubbed the Butcher by local media, the elusive murderer has somehow managed to evade the police and wreak havoc on the residents of Huntington.
The book is about a man serving as a homebound missionary in a rural area. When his colleague is downsized he struggles with bitterness and resentment. But he is challenged to move forward when a new missionary is hired against his wishes.
Imagine being given a gift, a gift from The King, that when used makes a difference in the lives of everyone you meet! When the time came for Dorothy to receive her gift, the King bent low and whispered into her ear.
Seventy-Five Million graves exploded into existence from many of the dejected souls that participated in the world’s worst event, World War 2.
The United States’ political system has fractured into multiple tribal groups. A federal budget hasn’t been passed in years, and presidents are routinely impeached during their first month in office. States have closed their borders and thumbed their collective noses at the federal government.
Laboring in emergency rooms all around the country is a group of dedicated doctors and nurses who just want to make a difference. Some swear, some drink, and some laugh in order to manage their emotions while providing high-quality care in the most unimaginable, shocking, and difficult cases.
‘Kathleen the Waif’, as she had become known was revered throughout Britain as the instigating inspiration for one of the World’s largest Charities. ‘White Angel’ caring for the poor. Was she a Saint or a sinner? --- A prostitute or prude? The clues are in these pages, it’s up to the reader to decide. She fled her childhood home at the age of sixteen after an attempted rape by her father. She prostituted herself for six months simply to survive.
After Liz McDonald and Joseph Allen are married in the mid-1940s, things go terribly wrong on the family farm in Chatham, Ontario, and there is a great deal of sadness for everyone.
A controversial viral infection offered as revolutionary therapy; a struggling family damaged in the name of science; a deadly disease rising from obscurity; the treacherous scheming of the drug approval process. These gripping themes are at the heart of Saving Grace, a provocative Medical-Thriller that exposes the complications of modern drug development.
Lilbeebye was a regular little girl that had a secret power to sting honey love into the hearts of those who bullied and picked on other children who were afraid to defend themselves.
This book is intended to increase awareness (consciousness) in children of all ages and assist with a variety of mental and behavioural health issues.
Twenty-something Brian arrives in Frankfurt, Germany, in March of 1976, ready for adventure. The native South African decided years before that he wanted to explore the world, emulating the characters in James Michener’s novel, The Drifters.
Two sisters torn apart by a curse. A prince on a quest to save his realm. Erianna was banished by the Snow Queen at a very young age because of a curse that turned her into a beast every full moon. She must find a way to break the curse by her 21st birthday or she will remain a beast forever.
I know who I am. Kelvin seemed desperate to win his father’s approval. However, Mr Eze not only seemed unwilling to bestow it, but hell bent in making life unbearable for his acclaimed son. Kelvin thought it would be best to find his true family rather than endure the torture of being the unwanted child.
In these fantasy tales, we see a convergence between multiple dimensions where the world of two different existences faces adversaries that challenge their continued future. The book tells the story ‘From the Emptiness’ where entities were more drawn to the dark than the light. Light, in its highest authorities, summons time to seize it from existence.
Bradford Williams, a successful African American lawyer, venture capitalist, and real estate mogul appears to live a perfect life. When booked as a special guest and keynote speaker, reluctantly he agrees. After a seemingly familiar face appears during the event, a door to the past opens.
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