An Eclectic Collage is a collection of poems that studies not only the vicissitudes of the natural world but that of humanity, as well. His most challenging subjects are men and women and the interactions between the two, although there is something equally mesmerizing about the changing foliage of fall from green to oranges and reds.
"In Nurses behind Bars, author Beth Grayson unveils the fascinating and unimaginable events, behaviors, and relationships occurring in a maximum security, all-female prison. Based on real observations, she journeys behind prison walls to share a nurse?s experiences and shocking revelations of prison life. 
Grayson narrates some of the inmates? histories as they tell about their upbringing and living in severely dysfunctional families. Although many of the women found it difficult to discuss their backgrounds, private interviews reveal shocking recantations of violence, rape, and torture these women endured as young girls. Some were forced into prostitution, some by their own family members. She heard stories of young drug addicted girls involved in the cold-blooded murders of their own infant children and more.
Nurses behind Bars discusses that the great power of drug addiction led these women down a hopeless and dangerous path of crime and murder to spend many years or life behind prison bars."
"I joined the Navy in 1978 and was discharged in late 2016 after almost 39 years service. I served as a medic and also a Medical Administration Officer during my time. The book contains my memories of an awesome career and covers many subjects from my attendance at car accidents; reviving people who had had heart attacks; working in disaster zones to give humanitarian aid and many other stories.
I wrote this at the behest of many of my civilian friends with whom I had told these stories and also for myself. I have been involved in some of the biggest news stories in Australia including  my role in the evacuation of Australian nationals from Bali after the Bali Bombings, to commanding a group of medical specialists and sailors who deployed with the US Navy during humanitarian missions to the South Pacific and the Indian Ocean. 
It also covers my diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Prostate cancer which basically ended my career.
Dave Lassam
Lieutenant Commander, RAN (Ret)"
If you have ever wanted to discuss a difficult issue but didn't know where to begin, this book is for you. Throughout this book, I will coach you on the fundamentals of difficult conversations via concepts, stories, games, and exercises. I have curated seventeen concepts to teach you the framework for engaging in difficult conversations. These concepts also lay the foundation for the CALM Dialogue construct. The CALM Dialogue is a four-step process I created to enable anyone to engage in tough conversations. I have taught the CALM Dialogue process to thousands of people all over the world. I hope you will use this book to help you transform and improve your relationships, community, and world.
"<p>Ready for a transformative leap? Yearning for a metamorphosis at the mind, body, and soul levels? <em><strong>Collect Your Pearls of Wisdom</em></strong> is your ultimate lifeline. A thoughtfully crafted blend of inspirational narratives, effective and potent practices, and time-proven strategies, this dynamic guide will empower you to: <br>
• unleash <strong>healing, </strong> <br>
• create <strong>lasting changes, </strong> and <br>
• ignite a ripple effect of <strong>transformations</strong> in your life and the lives of those around you. </p>
<p>Learn profound insights into the process of transformation and human nature, brought to you by Dr. Zabora&rsquo;s lifelong quest for the keys to transformation across all planes&mdash;mind, soul, and psyche. This <strong>three-in-one guide</strong> offers a path to profound benefits with the following:<br>
• captivating and entertaining <strong>stories, </strong> <br>
• tried-and-true techniques in the <strong> workbook, </strong> and <br>
• inspirational <strong>teachings. </strong> </p>
<p>From overhauling your life for the better in mere weeks to leaving behind limitations to embrace freedom, creativity, and bliss and fostering enduring changes, this guide is <strong>your tool for transformation</strong>. Simple and practical, it&rsquo;s interspersed with engaging stories and humor from Dr. Zabora&rsquo;s personal and professional experiences.</p>
<p><strong>A one-time purchase for a lifetime change!</strong> Get your copy of <em><strong>Collect Your Pearls of Wisdom</strong></em>&nbsp; and, as a token of our gratitude, claim your <strong>three complimentary gifts</strong>: meditations and exclusive training (<strong>see QR code inside</strong>). Don&rsquo;t just read about transformation; experience it. Your journey to everlasting change starts now!</p>
<p>As a bonus, you can further extend and amplify your journey with Dr. Zabora&rsquo;s <strong>online course, Transformational Journey with Dr. Zabora.</strong> For a deeper, more personalized transformation experience, visit <strong><a href=""""></a>.</strong></p>
<p>Embrace your transformation today, and enjoy your journey!</p>"
The importance of connecting to yourself and to the Source of the Universe (whichever name you resonate with) is the stability you are seeking. With this abundant, limitless, creative energy, this is where the dreams are created and brought from your future into your present.
How to Hold a Glue Stick and other Clues to Parenting.
Life as a parent, especially a first time parent, is not so easy and Froukje Matthews has combined her Montessori teaching experience with the knowledge gained over the years as a parent.
"How to Hold a Glue Stick and other Clues to Parenting
Life as a parent, especially a first time parent, is not so easy and Froukje Matthews has combined her Montessori teaching experience with the knowledge gained over the years as a parent. "
In 2003, Louis would have to orchestrate his greatest comeback ever. After a near fatal motorcycle accident, which projected his body into the air resulting in debilitating injuries, Louis was told by his doctors that he would never walk again.
Battles and fighting were cancer words we did not use. We chose to climb the mountain. Our hike up a very tall mountain was unplanned. It was as if the universe picked us up, took us to the base, dropped us off and said, climb. We were no more prepared for his diagnosis as we were to climb Mt. Everest. Together, we had an amazing climb.
In It’s Time to Lighten Up, author White Willow breaks down what it means to be light by identifying how the body emits light prior to all mind body functions.
Man has been domesticated for many centuries. He no longer understands what he is or how he is supposed to think.
Frederick Bennett, from an Irish Catholic family in Bendigo, travelled to Melbourne to seek his fortune. There he met Vida Bunting, eighth child of Samuel and Elleanora, at the beginning of the First World War. Their friendship blossomed but life didn't treat them kindly.
This Book is about.... •Why bullying is no good •How forgiving others helps heal our heart •Giving a helping hand •Why helping others, is important •Why changing the way you think, can lead to friendship`s that last a life time
This Book is about... •Enjoying sharing and helping others •Showing that you care by sharing with others •Sharing a house with a blue mouse •Helping a red whale caught by its tail •Being the best that you can be •Making learning fun with your child
There is no available information at this time.
Once again, Rosie offers her wisdom with innocence and open curiosity in this third book in the series Rosie Knows.
Come dream along with Zach, a young adult with special needs. Every person struggles and has obstacles to overcome. Zach is no different.
Living and growing with grief is not simple or easy, but this guide can help you on your journey.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), ageism leads to poorer health among young and old; social isolation, earlier deaths and cost economies billions. To combat ageism, WHO recommends educational activities that enhance empathy and dispel misconceptions, and intergenerational activities to reduce prejudice.
The readers should be motivated by the passionate approach even the author was born with severe diarrhoea illness. The reverse might give a mighty force to a person the power who deserved it - "Be like a butterfly, go where you can fulfil your life purpose." (with permission from Eric Chia 2019).


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Inspire and educate growing minds. Give the next generation a self-published masterpiece from our vibrant Children's Book collection.

THE ADVENTURES OF THE OTWAY THREE is a story about three Australian bush animals, who live in Barramunga, near Stevenson’s Falls in Victoria. Their names are Kandy Koala, Willie Wombat and Edison Echidna.
Have you ever been alone and afraid in your bed? Did you hear or see something you could not make out? In this short tale, a young boy goes through what the rest of us go through. There’s a monster under his bed.
"This is a cute children’s book that teaches an important lesson to children who may want to skip school for no real reason at all. The story Pang has written is an entertaining one, and the illustrations by Dwain Esper are of a high quality that match the written descriptions perfectly.
All the animal kingdom accepted Udi as one of them.
Udi and The Animals is a story of a lonely girl who loved animals and found comfort in them. One day she prayed and received a gift of understanding and speaking animal language.
Udi and The Animals is a story of a lonely girl who loved animals and found comfort in them. One day she prayed and received a gift of understanding and speaking animal language.


Explore uncharted kingdoms, solve ancient mysteries, or make your own adventure from one of our novels.

Prison Chronicles is a realistic look inside a world where the man with the most game controlled the field. Sex, drugs and violence was just the tip of the iceberg, beneath the surface was another world. A world controlled by greed. Prison Chronicles is a tale about Malcolm James journey into the prison society. The emotional battles he faced with family, to the internal struggles with his flesh. The choices he makes are not always the right ones but his desire to come out on top is what separated him from the others. He encountered all types of people in his quest for freedom. Some became friends, some became lovers, while others were just tools used to reach the top. Through it all, he kept his head up when the weight of the world would have crushed others. Was there light at the end of his tunnel or just another train wreck heading his way?
"Questions about Amalia?s past become more concerning when she?s uprooted at the young age of fifteen from the only life she knows and into an abusive nobleman?s household. As a young female in nineteenth-century Spain and a dominant patriarchal society, Amalia?s choices are limited. That couldn?t be more evident than in her employer?s household. Manuel Tudó watches Amalia closely. He says disturbing things about her mother and seeks opportunities to pursue her and catch her alone. His control over her and her future terrify her.<p>
When Tudó leaves for the summer, Amalia finds solace in the arms of the future king of Spain, only to be discarded and pregnant. To keep her secret, she is forced to flee for her and her unborn child?s safety. By the way of two English naval officers, Amalia thinks she has found refuge on the small island of Menorca in the Balearic Sea. Despite the change in geographical location, however, her past continues to threaten her safety, and she realizes the male-dominated societal hierarchy remains the same. Amalia?s struggle to find her independence amid terrible events?including false promises and forced prostitution?brings her to her lowest point. She?s given an opportunity out of her situation, but first she has to forgive herself and those who hurt her to accept an unlikely ally."
After being to the Staircase of Light, Miss Unity wants to know what is above step number nine. So Sparkly Dragon takes her on another adventure to the heavenly realm where she meets the legion of angels.
There are reasons why some stories last longer than others. These short stories blend mythology from all over the world through modern context allowing for readers to re-examine how we view archetype. Think Twilight Zone meets Neil Gaiman meets Margaret Atwood in these tiny little odysseys that are bind together to create a book.
"He's waiting for you!"
With this enigmatic invitation, the Traveler finds himself swept into a world that is completely alien, yet strangely familiar.
Victorian London. Brilliant young barrister Henry Jones and his wife, Lucy, are expecting their first child. Complications develop, and the celebrated surgeon Bryan Trembarth takes Lucy to his private hospice, but Lucy dies in childbirth. Devastated, Henry seeks solitude in the English countryside.

In Heathfield, East Sussex, Henry is stalked by a beautiful young girl. When these mysterious visitations turn violent, Henry flees from Heathfield and returns to the Bar in London. During the most important defence case of his career, he receives information that his child may still be alive.

The trail of these rumours leads him to Scotland. And in discovering the horrific truth of his wife’s death, Henry also learns the value of true friendship—and the possibility of new love.
Dr. Jon DeLeon, CEO of CiliCold, Meredith Doucette ex-CEO of Triple S Pharmaceuticals and Olivia Steadman, ex-regulator for Tanner Pharmaceuticals independently pursue ambitious plans to rein in a pharmaceutical industry that is out of control. The war is waged on the scientific, litigious, and legislative fields.  CiliCold discovers the chemical language cells used to communicate with each other, and implementing nanotechnology and molecular machines, engages the cell?s own protein production process. While Olivia develops sweeping legislation in Congress, Meredith takes the unprecented step as a CEO of testifying against her own company. Damaged in their pursuits of remedies for the industry, they plow ahead, until a public health debacle of unprecedented proportion forces their work to the forefront. The world holds its breath?
As mother eagle is sitting on her nest high up in a tree, the reader wonders what she is looking for? She asks for help from others. Will she get the answer she seeks? This is a sweet story of coming home and what is waiting there.
When Victor and Sara decide to adopt a fatherless child, will the serpents who sing in the night hinder or help them?
A young single mother runs away, with her child, from her abusive partner. She takes up residence in a small beach side town and becomes involved with the people who live there. Body of woman is found on a beach near the holiday retreat where she lives and works.



Rediscover your spirituality from our diverse and extensive Religion shelf.

Saint Barnabas did not disappear after the quarrel with Saint Paul.
What Happens… When God Gets Angry
Many believers are distraught concerning what they witness going on in their local Black churches today. Ezekiel experienced similar conditions in Israel in his day.
Do you want to reclaim your nation, your family, your church, and your life? Then this is what God is calling you to do! To help you understand that calling, author Terry Hartikka offers his life message from heaven to you.
The Time is here the time is now, we're in the last hours not days anymore. For what's a thousand years to my Lord or even a year but minutes in His Kingdom.
In a world where success is predominately measured by how much money we have in the bank, the size of our financial portfolio, and how prestigious our lives are, there have been great American Entrepreneurs who have chosen to take the path less traveled – to be truly compassionate and giving. They risked judgement, ridicule, and their fortunes; but in doing so they realized they could never out give God.
The Author considers it a privilege to be the writer of this unique Book of Poems of testimonies, teachings, prayers, and Prophecy of Divine Power, all being inspired by the Holy Spirit through her journey to the Cross and Salvation. Each page stands on its own, touching the heart of those who embrace the work of the Cross and the written Word, the Bible.
Many believers are distraught concerning what they witness going on in their local Black churches today."


Absorb vibrant cultures and perspectives from our collection of prose and rhymes.

Like strands of DNA
This book was also a dream of hers; not to be famous or to sell a million copies, but for the purpose of having something for the generations after her and those closest to her to share and reminisce.
Inspired by her former pastor, Robert (Bob) Greene, who closed church services with beautifully prepared prayers, Melissa began to compose her own prayers for a church bible study group. Group members encouraged her to publish them in a book, and she decided to do it. A first time author, Melissa prays that these prayers encourage the reader to strengthen their own prayer life with God.
In this book RANDOM CONSTRUCTIVE WRITINGS is a collection of poems about random various topics. The collection of poems are unusual unexpected content. They are odd and different , you never know what your going to get with my writing.
In my previous book, Slow-Cooked Thoughts, I related how human life has taken an exacting toll on the planet, that the way to reverse this is to behave unselfishly towards all life forms and to share the earth’s resources fairly with them, rather than taking the largest piece of the cake, leaving them only the crumbs.


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