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Psychic Housewife is a powerful, entertaining, thought provoking memoir as well as a practical guide for discovering life, lessons, and unlocking your own intuition. We are all born intuitive, with an inner compass that serves as a guide for our soul.
Humanity is longing not only for a reprieve from the chaos surrounding us, but also a healthy, genuine balance that allows us to find inner peace. The good news is that our epiphanies and “aha” moments can serve as a human release while offering a meaningful rejuvenation from the angst, anxiety, or looming darkness of our present scenarios.
Thanks to her mother’s steadfastness in letter writing, Kathy Vikre received news from home once a week for nearly forty years. Within handwritten letters that began with “Dear Kath” and ended with “Love, Mom,” Kathy’s mother shined a light on her Catholic beliefs, compassion, and boundless energy.
The book is basically an account of the lives of two people from the age of 17, to mature adulthood. The many problems that were overcome. The varied ways in which difficulties of relationships were dealt with and in most cases resolved.
I believe that the best way to see any new place is to drive. This book takes you on a journey from Sydney to Melbourne, Australia, stopping at various exciting attractions along the way.
This book has a twofold purpose. It provides future family members with a historical time line of the Bishop family while supplying references to the rural way of life. Persons wishing to learn about how life once was lived by country folks will find many facts about a lifestyle that has faded with time.
Dr. Babu Moses, based on his Hindu/Indian heritage and from his clinical experiences as board-certified electromyographer/hypnotherapist, takes past life regression into a profound religious experience through biblical concepts.
At a Particular Age: Heavy Snow Revisited is the story of a son taking care of his father who is slowly and painfully disappearing into Alzheimer's disease. Through the illustrated-vignette style of the book the author was able to portray with poignancy and humor the tragedy of Alzheimer's and the terrible strain it puts on the caregiver, family and friends.
Some people get confused and think exercise is fun. They end up with strange looking bulges on their bodies and sometimes even forget about sex altogether, except perhaps in the mirror. Their genitals seem to somehow get lost in the competition of shapes and bulges.
HOE is an inspirational and uplifting read designed to help you find the door to your happiness. This sensational book offers scientific discoveries that will help you gain control over the voices in your head, and take stride into the destiny of your choice.
I wanted to finally lose weight and keep it off after many years of fluctuating with my weight. I have gone up and down with my weight either 30-40 pounds or just 10 pounds numerous times in my life. This time I wanted to lose the weight and keep it off for real while being still able to treat myself to my favorite foods.
A very personal look at the development of China from 1973 to 2013 - from Mao to Hu. The author was in the Advance Party that reestablished U.S. relations with China in May 1973 during the time of Mao and Zhou Enlai. His intimate connection to China over the next 40 years provides a unique perspective as he examines the history and culture of China, and especially the development of China since 1973.
It’s understood marriage and the family unit a child experiences during childhood, effects on their adult life such as career decisions, personal relationships, and mental health. This book examines this exact role of how my Mom and Dad balanced work and family for the betterment of their children and their future success.
Imagine That! … sets its readers on the path to find the Higher Self. It fosters an inspirational journey into new levels of understanding, using Seven Philosophical Arts to expose elements in the beauty of life. These seven Arts (Recognizing, Receiving, Retaining, Radiating, Rejoicing, Reflecting, and Right-Mindedness) raise our consciousness and shed light on the journey, illuminating the strengths and weaknesses of our humanity.
We all can use some inspiration from time to time – positive reinforcement that we are here, in the present time and space to live the fullest life to the best of our abilities. This book encourages us to recognize our capabilities to be empowered to who you are.
I kept reading until the end. It was life affirming, exciting, hot, and new. It has everything so many people would love.
I dreamed of things my family thought to be too ridiculous, and they would tell me that black girls were taught not to dream.
Horse trainer Naomi McDonald impulsively buys a “shy” Border collie pup named Luke, and she believes it’s fate. However, puppy Luke shows no signs of herding instinct, and a trainer tells her to put him down.
In the Eagle’s Way: The Importance of Love in Healthcare, the author, a general practitioner, looks back at the changes he has seen over fifty years of study and practice of medicine. Remarkable advances in medicine and surgery have been accompanied by the growth of alternative medicine. He sees the emergence of holistic/integrative medicine as an important development in the evolution of healthcare.
Matre Arsne Assouan Usher ouvre son texte par un appel, mystique, la ralisation de la paix. Cet homme dEtat ivoirien, reconnu nationalement et mondialement, est acteur et tmoin des construction, rayonnement et crise de la Rpublique de Cte dIvoire. Son pays est n dans le difficile contexte mondial desprit dannexion et de mentalit de spoliation.
This book was written for you and your career. It will enhance your gratification with your career through discovering and validating your skills and through offering professional development not offered elsewhere. Written by an experienced social worker with a sense of humor, the author presents thought-provoking concepts and illustrations of topics not usually discussed.
MIND MAGIC streamlines the power of the imagination through 18 step-by-step progressive guided imagery lessons that meet National Language Arts Core Curriculum Standards. Ten minutes a day or 25 minutes once a week empowers individuals, pre-teens to adults, with emotional skills for 1) making smarter choices and 2) managing difficulties such as anxiety, depression or bereavement.
The purpose of this book is offering every one of you who reads it the opportunity of having a clearer perspective of life…. God’s greatest gift… Life really is a miracle in itself and it is so easy to take that for granted. You are not here by chance; I can assure you that. You are God’s miracle, not by luck or chance… but by purpose.
Every family has a story. And for Angela Fortnum, her maternal family story would begin eight generations before her and reach back to the turn of the eighteenth century in England—and it is a story that she will tell and continue today.
Asking for help is not always easy, but it's the first step towards feeling better. Remember that you don't have all the answers when you ask for help. Many people are shy and feel nervous to talk about it. You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.
Sound Check is a complete guide to the pronunciation of words in the English language. This book merges phonics and phonetics using a simple approach to guide you in pronouncing all words in the dictionary. Covering more than 1000 words, this book is ideal for self study.
With climate change alone now actually threatening life as we know it on this wonderful but so badly abused planet, and with multiple additional crises adding to the rapidly increasing chaos it is essential that we come to understand what is really happening, why, and what to do about it. This book is an attempt to aid in that understanding. It recognizes the peril of this moment in our history but far more importantly, it shows what an extraordinary opportunity that peril affords us, can we but see it.
Join Jaxx in his journey as he discovers his hidden talent.
Imagine being at a turning point in life. Perhaps many wrong choices have been made which have resulted in failure in school or even incarceration. This program invites the learner to become tuned into their strengths and challenges, and to understand, at a deeper level, how important they are to family, friends, and community.
A bastard boomer negotiates the maze of postwar America. Wrenched from his working single mother, and brought to Camp Pondosa by his grandfather who was Woods Manager for McCloud Rv. Lumber Co. After his WAC mother became X-ray tech at the McCloud hospital, and acquired a husband, the new family moved to R. A. Long’s “planned city” of Longview, Washington.
Dying for a Drink is a true story of the chaos and hurt caused by an alcoholic. The author, telling her own story, writes of time spent in multiple rehabs, both in the United Kingdom and Sydney, Australia. She writes in the hope that her story will encourage other alcoholics and addicts (which can be anybody addicted to anything)that they will see in their own stories the similarities rather than the differences.
An Unsuspecting Child is both a personal memoir and a psychological look at the damage done to a child from sexual, mental or physical abuse.  The effects of abuse on a child can cause long-term, often hidden, heartache to that child as they travel through adulthood.
Adventure on a DARE is the first in a series of true-life accounts describing Fritz T. Sprandel’s journey into himself in which he discovers his capricious nature and raises questions about the nature of faith. During the course of his adventure, Fritz visits a variety of natural wonders, small towns, and fascinating people on a budget of ten cents and his own amazing resourcefulness.
Poetry, humor, illustrations, a personal examination of mental challenges along with a deep grasp of spiritual matters infuse this big, readable work by Rich Melcher.
This book attempts to show where the public is being deceived into believing erroneous assumptions as factual by the media and in academic circles worldwide without scientific corroboration and provides a contrarian view to the predominant consensus.
I cannot remember a time when I thought of someone and only good came to mind – The sun will shine tomorrow, and a rainbow of beautiful colors will be over you – You believe that too…
This is a book of poetry that covers various subjects. I call them contemplative poems.
The poetry in this book shows a wide range of experience and knowledge, both at home and abroad. Some are inspired by the author’s childhood and growing up in the west coast of Scotland. Some are inspired by knowledge of literature and her deep faith in Christianity, and some are just for fun.
This book is a collection of my thoughts, feelings and innermost imaginations. I find writing is a very cathartic experience, a release of emotion, of healing. I have been writing from thoughts that pop into my head and imagination. My writing is a form of therapy for my aching heart, a flood of emotions that I want to impart, but most of all it is an enjoyment that I seek only a daily basis for the gift of life and love.
Further Collected Poems contains selected lyrics from 2001 to 2017, divided roughly by theme or subject. You and I is about relationships, We is about society and institutions, He is about religion and spirituality, Visions is about ideas, and Beautys Mead is about art. The poems are in and out of form, in many modes and voices, simple and complex, hopeful and tragic.
Through her varied life experiences that have been peppered with both heartache and joy, Jennah Leach has learned that with vulnerability comes valuable insight and lessons.
Repairing The Breach is a call and response collaborative narrative of two kindred spirits of a thirty year generational gap. The lyrics and poetry wraps around cultural oppression, and addresses social and emotional recovery. The Artist intertwined amplifying voices of shared similarities and differences through creative expression.
We all have those moments in our lives where we need reassurance or, we might just want to break down and have a good cry.
In this poem, "Susie Q Fights Leukemia," Dr. Sue introduces us to Suzie Q , the happy girl, who loves to dance and twirl. When Suzie Q is diagnosed with ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia) her whole world is turned upside down. She's determined to get better and uses prayer and scientific knowledge to fight her battle. She shows gratitude to everyone on her medical oncology team and always smiles.Hopefully this will offer some help and inspiration to other young people diagnosed with cancer.
Absorb vibrant cultures and perspectives from our collection of prose and rhymes.


Lois E. Scott has generated and collected pithy one-liners for the past 50 years, gems that her husband Fred refers to as LOISisms. These one-liners can cut through the froth to the heart of a topic with wisdom, common sense, and often humor.
Bringing the Church Back to Christ is an 11th hour cry to a fragmented Church urgently in need of healing before she can truly be an instrument of healing to the nations.
Meditations of the Overcomer takes you through the process of effective meditation of God’s Word revealing keys to being an overcomer through Christ.
Poetry, humor, illustrations, a personal examination of mental challenges along with a deep grasp of spiritual matters infuse this big, readable work by Rich Melcher.
Christian parenting is not easy. Any parenting is not easy; especially when big business interferes with the education of your child. Author Sylvia McCrory and collaborator Melissa Wingfield have researched the perils of rearing children in today’s climate, and in An Inside Look at Education, they present facts every parent should know about twenty-first-century education in America and how it could be better for all children.
The book is an overview of the various things going on in our deteriorating society with appropriate descriptions and with the opportunity to make appropriate choices during the process as one reads from chapter to chapter.
This autobiography of Rev. Curt’s spiritual journey offers a commentary on why much of the theology and current practices of the Christian Faith are no longer viable for the 21st century Christian. His historical insights, reviews of the Aramaic and Greek texts, and metaphorical views are based on his life-long study of the Christian scriptures.
The Bible reveals we are in a battle—a spiritual war waged on earth and in heavenly places—for our very souls. We have a real enemy of our faith who wants to take away our peace, joy, and happiness. It is his desire to destroy lives. It is God’s desire to restore them.
Rediscover your spirituality from our diverse and extensive Religion shelf.



Add another self-published nonfiction in your library and keep yourself informed and entertained!


Imagine all the stories your parents told you as a child were true—tales of fantastical creatures of both the light and the dark, daring and handsome knights, and beautiful princesses. Well, far beyond the southern hills exists a land full of life and magic—the perfect place to commence a grand adventure.
“World Betrayed” is the sequel and continuing story of “World Aflame”. The mysterious, and to date undefeated fires, continue to burn around the world threatening all life on the planet.
Faces and voices, places and events, from the riches of my memories were floating in a soft bubble. Somewhere in my subconscious I knew I was dreaming, but somehow, I didn’t want that bubble to burst. I wanted to spend time with them. abandoned polar bear cub is rescued from an unlikely place in the Arctic Circle. His struggle to survive is a constant worry for his caregivers.
An abandoned polar bear cub is rescued from an unlikely place in the Arctic Circle. His struggle to survive is a constant worry for his caregivers.
After World War I, follow Ava the daughter of an Irish immigrant family in America at the height of the Roaring Twenties, looking for love.
A tale filled with as much danger as inevitable destiny, Level of Conspiracy: Inception captures the imagination by dispelling coincidences, and exposing conspiracy.
The Legend of Kringle is the tale of a brilliant boy who grew into a remarkable man. This astonishing story will explain everything you wanted to know about Santa Claus, that has never been told before. From his childhood adventures as Kris Nicholas Kringle, until later, when he became a man, and was given the name Santa Claus, that we all love and adore.
Bits of Western history within a solid plot Lawmans Dilemma is a wholesome novel written with realistic honesty. Perfect for extra-curricular reading, this novels appeal may extend to the classroom. The book is divided into three parts, with each part broken into chapters.
Pilgrim by David Stewart is a short, fiction novel which deals with the spiritual journey of an Aboriginal man named Daniel. It is written in the philosophical genre, with powerful and lyrical prose. Daniel is a tormented soul who leaves a successful career in Sydney on a quest for Purpose.
For over sixty years, I have crept into the soul of the Fool. This traditional stock character in folklore is imbued with a certain sense of power, wisdom and magic. He can raise the dead as in the Saint George Mummers Plays, follows with authority as the last dancer in the Abbot’s Bromley Horn Dance.
In an alternate-reality world where the American Civil War lasted ten years, technology has advanced rapidly. A decade after the guns of the South were silenced, the embers of war still burn white hot. English Canada and French Mexico still snarl at the Union, but a new terror faces the country.
The adoption of riches as the sole objective of life has made the wealthy the trailblazers in our civilization. At their recommendation, we have embraced a benighted education and subsequently created artificial parameters dividing us into the ill and the not ill. What if we are wrong?
As I write this story, a politician in power, somewhere, is living peacefully and lavishly in a mansion, carelessly creating policies that disfavor the “common,” to further their own ambitions. They are doing all but what they promised their citizens and threatening anyone who dares to question. Shame!
Life underground seems like paradise compared to what's left above the surface. However, nobody knew that it would be this bad. Famine, death, mutations and corruption; sounds like nothing can be worse.
Benjamin has so many ideas of what he wants to be when he grows up, but he wants to know if he is he good enough.
Lyla and Rachel are friends who have just started grade 4 in school. They both love sports, but they come from very different backgrounds
Little Lolo has a passion for music and, especially, the guitar! Join her as she takes a trip to the music store with her Mommy and Poppy in search for her dream instrument!
London, England…1952. The country is quickly recovering from the ravages of World War II, but a certain group of people won’t let the hatred die. The fight continues. Murders are being committed throughout Europe as a result of a particular heroic action taken during the recently ended war.
Explore uncharted kingdoms, solve ancient mysteries, or make your own adventure from one of our novels.


Udi and The Animals is a story of a lonely girl who loved animals and found comfort in them. One day she prayed and received a gift of understanding and speaking animal language.
Udi and The Animals is a story of a lonely girl who loved animals and found comfort in them. One day she prayed and received a gift of understanding and speaking animal language.
All the animal kingdom accepted Udi as one of them.
"This is a cute children’s book that teaches an important lesson to children who may want to skip school for no real reason at all. The story Pang has written is an entertaining one, and the illustrations by Dwain Esper are of a high quality that match the written descriptions perfectly.
Have you ever been alone and afraid in your bed? Did you hear or see something you could not make out? In this short tale, a young boy goes through what the rest of us go through. There’s a monster under his bed.
THE ADVENTURES OF THE OTWAY THREE is a story about three Australian bush animals, who live in Barramunga, near Stevenson’s Falls in Victoria. Their names are Kandy Koala, Willie Wombat and Edison Echidna.
Inspire and educate growing minds. Give the next generation a self-published masterpiece from our vibrant Children's Book collection.


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