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This is a book for everyone. In using the metaphor comparing the raising of the seed of wheat with that of a baby, the importance of a nurturing environment is presented. Using a poem for structure, accompanied by colorful illustrations that convey the message in each stanza, we can better understand the significance of a good start in life.
Everyone’s life is a story. A story of a journey through joy and sadness, winning and losing, good health and illness, love and hate. The challenge is to navigate through life and to remain the person you were meant to be. To embrace life with all its joys and problems and to make it a source for goodness, love, beauty, and happiness for yourself and for others.
Absorb vibrant cultures and perspectives from our collection of prose and rhymes.


If the stewards of religion would allow people to communicate with whatever they believe in, humanity would be a lot better off.
The emphasis of this book is on the magnificence of God and our desire to obtain as much of His holiness in our hearts as we can.
Have you grown stronger in your faith, or have you let the cares of the world sidetrack or plateau you? In Above the Storm Clouds, author William H. McIntyre helps you prayerfully review your walk as a Christian and examine the various benchmarks established along the way.
Millions of people would like to read the Bible, but shy away from it for many reasons, one being their fears of its complexity. Even though the Bible can seem daunting to some, it can be a safe place to find comfort and peace.
Are you still searching for that significant someone? That person who is supposed to be your other half?
If you are considering buying this book, let me be honest with you it has taken me 26 years to write it. This book began when my father died, I had a nudging in my heart and spirit to tell my story, like most of us we start and stop so many things in life.
Rediscover your spirituality from our diverse and extensive Religion shelf.



Add another self-published nonfiction in your library and keep yourself informed and entertained!


Lilly develops as a person with mature thought about life, including males. Eventually, she falls for an older man.
No form of paper currency has ever survived a full credit cycle of about 70 years. The US dollar will be no different. It is doomed. When it does finally collapse in the midst of debt, bailouts, the Federal reserve printing money out of thin air, societal chaos will ensue.
Twenty years of PTSD have passed and Bryan is still unable to put the pieces of his past together, unaware that a portion of his life has been blotted out.
In this steamy romance novel set just as WWI is ending, Ava, a beautiful young woman, and Irish immigrant, initially explores her irresistible and alluring power over men with Alistar, a handsome sailor.
AN ANCIENT DARK CURSE deprives powerful, haunted Queen Rejeena of daughters to heir and further her lineage. Her cousin, Ishtabarra, plots to betray and kill her, in order to ascend to the throne.
Children will often have many questions about life, the purpose of it and what happens after we die.
Hunter the Huntsman is a fun tale about Hunter, a feisty ‘kid spider’ who, “sort of listens, but not really.” The energetic plot reflects curious ‘kid thinking’ – wanting to do something which seems out of bounds. An unexpected mishap opens the door, to our brave character’s wish.
When you read this, you will be transported in the lives of a handful of people whose lives got turned sideways by a chance meeting.
When Harvey Davenport is elected to City Council, he intends to make changes for good. Instead, he discovers that the council has approved plans to construct a waste disposal facility in a minority community already suffering from toxic waste produced by two nearby industrial parks.
The Farm Grandma series of books is written for children and their imaginations. The stories come from actual experiences the animals have had on the farm, with a bit of imagination thrown in.
The book is a series of short stories that center around challenges and milestones in our lives and as we traverse these landscapes the Divine appears in subtle ways to support, comfort and guide us.
Explore uncharted kingdoms, solve ancient mysteries, or make your own adventure from one of our novels.


Udi and The Animals is a story of a lonely girl who loved animals and found comfort in them. One day she prayed and received a gift of understanding and speaking animal language.
Udi and The Animals is a story of a lonely girl who loved animals and found comfort in them. One day she prayed and received a gift of understanding and speaking animal language.
All the animal kingdom accepted Udi as one of them.
"This is a cute children’s book that teaches an important lesson to children who may want to skip school for no real reason at all. The story Pang has written is an entertaining one, and the illustrations by Dwain Esper are of a high quality that match the written descriptions perfectly.
Have you ever been alone and afraid in your bed? Did you hear or see something you could not make out? In this short tale, a young boy goes through what the rest of us go through. There’s a monster under his bed.
THE ADVENTURES OF THE OTWAY THREE is a story about three Australian bush animals, who live in Barramunga, near Stevenson’s Falls in Victoria. Their names are Kandy Koala, Willie Wombat and Edison Echidna.
Inspire and educate growing minds. Give the next generation a self-published masterpiece from our vibrant Children's Book collection.


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The readers should be motivated by the passionate approach even the author was born with severe diarrhoea illness. The reverse might give a mighty force to a person the power who deserved it - "Be like a butterfly, go where you can fulfil your life purpose." (with permission from Eric Chia 2019).
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), ageism leads to poorer health among young and old; social isolation, earlier deaths and cost economies billions. To combat ageism, WHO recommends educational activities that enhance empathy and dispel misconceptions, and intergenerational activities to reduce prejudice.
Living and growing with grief is not simple or easy, but this guide can help you on your journey.
Come dream along with Zach, a young adult with special needs. Every person struggles and has obstacles to overcome. Zach is no different.
Once again, Rosie offers her wisdom with innocence and open curiosity in this third book in the series Rosie Knows.
There is no available information at this time.
This Book is about... •Enjoying sharing and helping others •Showing that you care by sharing with others •Sharing a house with a blue mouse •Helping a red whale caught by its tail •Being the best that you can be •Making learning fun with your child
This Book is about.... •Why bullying is no good •How forgiving others helps heal our heart •Giving a helping hand •Why helping others, is important •Why changing the way you think, can lead to friendship`s that last a life time
This Book is about ....-How to follow your heart and hit your goals--How can`t is a word that can leave a scar--Helping others to grow with confidence -Never giving up until it is all done -Always giving your best -Making learning fun
In The Return you will journey with us, through this true story, of changing times and hope.
Learn how to use mandalas to access and harness intuitive wisdom and guidance.
I've packed this cute little cookbook with varieties of ways to prepare your coffee at home using minimal equipment. You'll find recipes for your quick morning coffee, and recipes for a fancy brunch on your patio. Many of these recipes are healthy or keto-friendly, and some of them are a sweet indulgence.
Life is precious and everyone should make the most of it. This book is about experiencing the joys of living in the face of adversities. It's about remaining loyal to one's goals and aspirations in life and accepting responsibilities for the present and future.
This fast-paced contemporary, novel, set in Los Angeles, can be read on a beach day. Yet, this is Black Literature in the Black Arts Movement tradition exploring how to overcome the trauma associated with colorism. Rejecting Wilderson’s ‘Afro pessimism’, the lives of three women reveal how to decolonize and emancipate our minds per Ngg and how to achieve ‘collective consciousness’ per Hübl.
This book has over fifty interactive training activities: —To start, enhance, or conclude a session or subject area —From ten minutes to two hours
Author Grace Atea Ampofoh was diagnosed with Type-2 diabetes at the age of twenty- eight. During her long period of nursing career, the author took care of many elderly diabetic patients, including family members. “Comprehensive Diabetes Guide” is a book written not only for her legacy, but also for her contribution to worldwide campaigns for diabetes research and awareness of the disease, as well as diabetes self- care management.
A mother's memoir of navigating divorce, learning to co-parent, and successfully blending new families.
When Graeme joined Scouts aged twelve, who knew it would lead to a commitment beyond forty years? Challenges and adventures within Victoria, interstate and international sites led to an enthralling life.