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Psychic Housewife is a powerful, entertaining, thought provoking memoir as well as a practical guide for discovering life, lessons, and unlocking your own intuition. We are all born intuitive, with an inner compass that serves as a guide for our soul.
Humanity is longing not only for a reprieve from the chaos surrounding us, but also a healthy, genuine balance that allows us to find inner peace. The good news is that our epiphanies and “aha” moments can serve as a human release while offering a meaningful rejuvenation from the angst, anxiety, or looming darkness of our present scenarios.
Thanks to her mother’s steadfastness in letter writing, Kathy Vikre received news from home once a week for nearly forty years. Within handwritten letters that began with “Dear Kath” and ended with “Love, Mom,” Kathy’s mother shined a light on her Catholic beliefs, compassion, and boundless energy.
The book is basically an account of the lives of two people from the age of 17, to mature adulthood. The many problems that were overcome. The varied ways in which difficulties of relationships were dealt with and in most cases resolved.
I believe that the best way to see any new place is to drive. This book takes you on a journey from Sydney to Melbourne, Australia, stopping at various exciting attractions along the way.
This book has a twofold purpose. It provides future family members with a historical time line of the Bishop family while supplying references to the rural way of life. Persons wishing to learn about how life once was lived by country folks will find many facts about a lifestyle that has faded with time.
Dr. Babu Moses, based on his Hindu/Indian heritage and from his clinical experiences as board-certified electromyographer/hypnotherapist, takes past life regression into a profound religious experience through biblical concepts.
At a Particular Age: Heavy Snow Revisited is the story of a son taking care of his father who is slowly and painfully disappearing into Alzheimer's disease. Through the illustrated-vignette style of the book the author was able to portray with poignancy and humor the tragedy of Alzheimer's and the terrible strain it puts on the caregiver, family and friends.
Some people get confused and think exercise is fun. They end up with strange looking bulges on their bodies and sometimes even forget about sex altogether, except perhaps in the mirror. Their genitals seem to somehow get lost in the competition of shapes and bulges.
HOE is an inspirational and uplifting read designed to help you find the door to your happiness. This sensational book offers scientific discoveries that will help you gain control over the voices in your head, and take stride into the destiny of your choice.
I wanted to finally lose weight and keep it off after many years of fluctuating with my weight. I have gone up and down with my weight either 30-40 pounds or just 10 pounds numerous times in my life. This time I wanted to lose the weight and keep it off for real while being still able to treat myself to my favorite foods.
A very personal look at the development of China from 1973 to 2013 - from Mao to Hu. The author was in the Advance Party that reestablished U.S. relations with China in May 1973 during the time of Mao and Zhou Enlai. His intimate connection to China over the next 40 years provides a unique perspective as he examines the history and culture of China, and especially the development of China since 1973.
It’s understood marriage and the family unit a child experiences during childhood, effects on their adult life such as career decisions, personal relationships, and mental health. This book examines this exact role of how my Mom and Dad balanced work and family for the betterment of their children and their future success.
Imagine That! … sets its readers on the path to find the Higher Self. It fosters an inspirational journey into new levels of understanding, using Seven Philosophical Arts to expose elements in the beauty of life. These seven Arts (Recognizing, Receiving, Retaining, Radiating, Rejoicing, Reflecting, and Right-Mindedness) raise our consciousness and shed light on the journey, illuminating the strengths and weaknesses of our humanity.
We all can use some inspiration from time to time – positive reinforcement that we are here, in the present time and space to live the fullest life to the best of our abilities. This book encourages us to recognize our capabilities to be empowered to who you are.
I kept reading until the end. It was life affirming, exciting, hot, and new. It has everything so many people would love.
I dreamed of things my family thought to be too ridiculous, and they would tell me that black girls were taught not to dream.
Horse trainer Naomi McDonald impulsively buys a “shy” Border collie pup named Luke, and she believes it’s fate. However, puppy Luke shows no signs of herding instinct, and a trainer tells her to put him down.
In the Eagle’s Way: The Importance of Love in Healthcare, the author, a general practitioner, looks back at the changes he has seen over fifty years of study and practice of medicine. Remarkable advances in medicine and surgery have been accompanied by the growth of alternative medicine. He sees the emergence of holistic/integrative medicine as an important development in the evolution of healthcare.
Matre Arsne Assouan Usher ouvre son texte par un appel, mystique, la ralisation de la paix. Cet homme dEtat ivoirien, reconnu nationalement et mondialement, est acteur et tmoin des construction, rayonnement et crise de la Rpublique de Cte dIvoire. Son pays est n dans le difficile contexte mondial desprit dannexion et de mentalit de spoliation.
Everyone has a story. In Hope, author Edith Hedden tells some of those stories. In this collection of narratives, everyday people faced with extraordinary challenges relate their experiences that inspire, bring hope, and renew faith in the resilience of the human spirit.
In January of 1776,  Thomas Paine published a 79-page pamphlet entitled, “Common Sense.” The booklet supported independence of the Colonies. 
This book is about a woman’s journey through Cancer and seeing things differently and surviving it with positivity.
In March of 2019, Rottweiler puppies Beans and Basil became part of the Cristantiello pack family, and the rest is history to be told! Through our photos, you will experience the love and happiness Rottweilers have to offer.
This book is an autobiography that spans from childhood to the resent times. This is an emotional glance into the life of an early childhood spent in rural America and growing up in one of Americas largest cities is really like. 
Sherry Lynn Cook was a young bride in the late seventies. She and her husband of less than two years had just purchased their first home and were preparing to start a family. But little did she know that when she became pregnant a short time later, many challenges would line the path ahead.
Looking for easy, effective, and creative ways to engage your client's deeper knowledge of their learning and healing processes?
At the core of her being, author and registered nurse Vicki Augustiniak is a helper. In Really, God—South Africa? she shares the experiences of her travels abroad to assist others with their health needs. Through her story, she shows how God uses an ordinary person like her to be of aid to others.
Sweetened Through the Ages is a real life description of a nostalgic, endearing journey from ancestry to today. Born in Texas, 1940, Sandra Carruth Angelle recounts the great memories of an idyllic childhood, teenage years in the, “Happy Days”, and life filled with travel and adventures. Angelle entertains us with her humorous recollections, inspires us with her poignant life lessons, and makes us all remember the beauty in our lives.
I can still feel the chills as I recall the scene on Fifth Avenue below the editor’s office in August 1997. This was really happening. Justice had prevailed.
when i close my eyes, i hear the same song every time, and there is always a perfect burnt-orange sunset
To my great joy, I found poignant letters in my family home describing my father's and his family's life and current events from 1930 to 1940 in Vilnius, Lithuania.
Linda, a young religious woman at the mercy of her parents and peers, embarks on a personal journey. The hurdles encountered throughout her story illustrate her naivete and lack of common sense due to ill or no advice. While pressured to marry early, she decided to follow her own instincts, resulting in several mistakes along the way, the most damaging being her failure to obtain a Bachelor’s degree.
Join an adventure walking in the shoes of Abigail Adams, wife of the second President of the United States, John Adams. Many stepping stones along this journey are first-hand accounts of Abigail’s correspondence before, during, and after the birth of her nation.
This book is about a young woman that God chooses to go up against Klans, who are people in high places. God chose her because he knew that she had courage. This book talks about the many trials she went through from Franklinton, La to Baton Rouge, la, to New Orleans, La, and back to Franklinton, La.
Lyrical and upbeat, During a Pandemic helps kids understand and navigate the recent events and the changes that have occurred in the world and everyday life.
While attending church as a youth, Barbara Wilson often heard of miracles occurring throughout history without any idea that these everyday gifts from God could be so accessible, especially for her.
If you have ever wondered what your dog is thinking or how they are feeling, Darla June takes you behind the dog house.
Since the Genie is the “ghost” writer for the book, it is appropriate to let the Genie say a few words about himself:
Poetry, humor, illustrations, a personal examination of mental challenges along with a deep grasp of spiritual matters infuse this big, readable work by Rich Melcher.
This book attempts to show where the public is being deceived into believing erroneous assumptions as factual by the media and in academic circles worldwide without scientific corroboration and provides a contrarian view to the predominant consensus.
I cannot remember a time when I thought of someone and only good came to mind – The sun will shine tomorrow, and a rainbow of beautiful colors will be over you – You believe that too…
This is a book of poetry that covers various subjects. I call them contemplative poems.
The poetry in this book shows a wide range of experience and knowledge, both at home and abroad. Some are inspired by the author’s childhood and growing up in the west coast of Scotland. Some are inspired by knowledge of literature and her deep faith in Christianity, and some are just for fun.
This book is a collection of my thoughts, feelings and innermost imaginations. I find writing is a very cathartic experience, a release of emotion, of healing. I have been writing from thoughts that pop into my head and imagination. My writing is a form of therapy for my aching heart, a flood of emotions that I want to impart, but most of all it is an enjoyment that I seek only a daily basis for the gift of life and love.
Inspired by the Haiku style, each poem in this book is written in 17 syllables. “Born and raised in Derby, in the midlands of England, of Polish, English and Caribbean descent, through tragedy and good fortune,  riting has been an enduring pathway for me to live with purpose and joy.”
Therapeutic poetry is what the Poet Dena has offered us. It’s a compilation of poems describing living with and healing from depression and emotional trauma. Dena’s work takes us through many significant times in her own life, times that will especially strike chords within many adoptees.
The biggest news about C. T. Eck’s poetry-only book titled Poets Awake  Saints Alive  Lovers Among  Lives Attune is that it arrives in 16 various categories. The subtitle states 247 Collected And Inspected Original Poems Comprising 16 Categories and here we can restate these “chapters” of categories for us: Song Style Poems; Instant Classic Poems; Humorous Poems; Audience Of One; Love Poems; True-Accounts-From-My-Own-Life Poems; On-The-Horror-Side
The biggest news about C. T. Eck’s poetry-only book titled Poets Awake  Saints Alive  Lovers Among  Lives Attune is that it arrives in 16 various categories. The subtitle states 247 Collected And Inspected Original Poems Comprising 16 Categories and here we can restate these “chapters” of categories for us: Song Style Poems; Instant Classic Poems; Humorous Poems; Audience Of One; Love Poems; True-Accounts-From-My-Own-Life Poems; On-The-Horror-Side
Sweet Old-fashioned Memories by Robert Piper
The bird in my oven’s a ham, A porcine delight with some yam. For lest it be said It’s gone to my head, We are what we eat, and I am.
This collection of deeply introspective poems reflects Vera’s inner voice in response to her unrecognized and unfelt personal traumas and shocks. She writes about loss, pain, joy, love, fear, memories, and death. The poems, written over a four-year period, emerged from moments of silence. 
This collection provides a lively spread of poems that covers just about any aspect of a child’s growing up and life experiences—the surreal scenarios played out in some of the poems, such as “The Friend in the Mirror,” which depicts a very real life experience.
Love is mentioned in the bible in more one hundred eight verses. We have been encouraged to love one another all our lives, therefore, it is something we are very familiar with. This book is a clear picture of the emotions, feelings, and acts that come with love. The story of people falling in love, falling out of love, the hurt that accompany such, and right and wrong movements because of such. It is a book of bliss, fire, desire, and stirring passionate emotions.
Absorb vibrant cultures and perspectives from our collection of prose and rhymes.


Lois E. Scott has generated and collected pithy one-liners for the past 50 years, gems that her husband Fred refers to as LOISisms. These one-liners can cut through the froth to the heart of a topic with wisdom, common sense, and often humor.
Bringing the Church Back to Christ is an 11th hour cry to a fragmented Church urgently in need of healing before she can truly be an instrument of healing to the nations.
Meditations of the Overcomer takes you through the process of effective meditation of God’s Word revealing keys to being an overcomer through Christ.
This book is a rather nontechnical, lighthearted summary of creation.
For seven times seven years, the attendance at the United Methodist Church has declined, and the church leadership has refused to publicly acknowledge their culpability, and the laity has accepted their excuses. The clergy have let their personal political agendas nudge out their responsibility to the church and to Jesus Christ.
Communion is one of the end-time mysteries of God—designed for believers to gain masteries over the affairs of life. It offers a complete and comprehensive package for believers’ life insurance in God. It is one of the most sacred ordinances in the Bible, yet often misunderstood by many.
In-Sil Kim is the youngest daughter in her family, and she always considered her father to be peaceful, quiet, sweet and taciturn man and minister of the church. As a little girl, she did not realize that he had experienced various hardships, struggling in spirit and suffering during the Japanese occupation of Korea. One day, his diary happened to come into her hands, and she learned many things about his personal life.
Have you ever been awestruck by a view of the sunlight off the water or a bird gliding over the mountains?
Each person’s perception of God is unique, formed by experiences and learning passed down from family, friends, as well as by secular and religious teachings. Some may view him as a distant demanding God, ready to punish disobedience. Still others view him as a genie to grant their every wish and command. 
Prayer is one of the highest privileges for the children of God. In some instances, it is one of the most neglected weapons in our arsenal by which we war against the flesh and the devil. The Lord Jesus Christ highly recommends that "Men ought always to pray, and not faint" (Luke 18:1). The Christian's love for prayer, God's Word, and the Holy Spirit experience will enable believers to be the Christian God wants them to be.
Psalm Warfare of Prayers: The Lord is Mighty in Battle
The way the book came along was through a vision I received from the Lord. I believe I was led by the Holy Spirit when I wrote this book. I was at a point in my life where I knew I was being led by God to go on mission trips for an extended period, which would require me to step away from my children and grandchildren longer than I am used to.
The author kept a diary that he wrote using carbon paper. The carbon copies provided the letters that were sent home whenever there was an opportunity to post a letter. The diary itself, which has survived to this day, provides the basis of this book and the unexpected events that resulted in the author living in Australia.
During his years of pastoral/teaching ministry Pastor John has bemoaned the erosion of the Church, of Western Civilization in general, and the American culture in particular. He attributes much of this erosion to a general weakness in the Church of making Biblical disciples of Jesus Christ. 
I am so proud to work with West Bow Press, a Division of Thomas Nelson & Zondervan. It is a Future furthermore Right Publisher to educate “integrity” to unmatched readers. I highly recommend a combination of trustworthy and professional support to all book investors. My purpose of Writing is to develop a long range volume to motivate, inspire, and guide text to benefit all readers.
We Rejoice in Our Sufferings is based on Romans 5:1-5. It explores the passage in depth, but the primary focus is on suffering, trials, and tribulations—and why we can rejoice in spite of them.
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Imagine all the stories your parents told you as a child were true—tales of fantastical creatures of both the light and the dark, daring and handsome knights, and beautiful princesses. Well, far beyond the southern hills exists a land full of life and magic—the perfect place to commence a grand adventure.
“World Betrayed” is the sequel and continuing story of “World Aflame”. The mysterious, and to date undefeated fires, continue to burn around the world threatening all life on the planet.
Faces and voices, places and events, from the riches of my memories were floating in a soft bubble. Somewhere in my subconscious I knew I was dreaming, but somehow, I didn’t want that bubble to burst. I wanted to spend time with them. abandoned polar bear cub is rescued from an unlikely place in the Arctic Circle. His struggle to survive is a constant worry for his caregivers.
An abandoned polar bear cub is rescued from an unlikely place in the Arctic Circle. His struggle to survive is a constant worry for his caregivers.
After World War I, follow Ava the daughter of an Irish immigrant family in America at the height of the Roaring Twenties, looking for love.
A tale filled with as much danger as inevitable destiny, Level of Conspiracy: Inception captures the imagination by dispelling coincidences, and exposing conspiracy.
The Legend of Kringle is the tale of a brilliant boy who grew into a remarkable man. This astonishing story will explain everything you wanted to know about Santa Claus, that has never been told before. From his childhood adventures as Kris Nicholas Kringle, until later, when he became a man, and was given the name Santa Claus, that we all love and adore.
When I Grow Up, I Want To Be A … is the first in a series of children’s stories masterfully designed by the author to meet two primary goals. The first is to aid Spanish-speaking children in their pursuit of English, and English-speaking children in their pursuit of Spanish. The second is to draw parents and children closer together in a storyteller’s world -- a world they can easily imagine and build on.
Bits of Western history within a solid plot Lawmans Dilemma is a wholesome novel written with realistic honesty. Perfect for extra-curricular reading, this novels appeal may extend to the classroom. The book is divided into three parts, with each part broken into chapters.
While growing up, we seldom ever think about how our life is going to end. Sometimes maybe we think when, but seldom how. After the eruption of the caldera called Yellowstone National Park, I began to think how I would die.
The leprechaun is a very small mythical person who lives in the grasses and marshes of Ireland. A mischievous troublemaker, he likes to sneak around and make himself at home.
“The Dogs of Brownsville” is a historical novel ripped from the headlines of the past seventy years told in Godfather fashion that tells the story of a handful of guys, and girls, that make it out of the ghetto of Brownsville and arrive in Las Vegas in time to witness and participate in the changing of the guard from the “Mob” to Howard Hughes to Corporate America.
"With so many pictures painted in these short series of events. Who is to say what levels we may exceed? Through consciousness and renewal of the mind the sky is the limit. This auto biography is very unique and one of a kind."
Libba Spencer’s life is about to change. On the brink of one of the most important meetings of her career, she receives a call that has life altering consequences. For six years, she has been married to Alec. She thought she knew him—but it turns out she didn’t know him at all, and now, he’s leaving her. Finding herself single and reeling from her failed marriage, Libba faces one challenge after another.
Melanie Singleton dealt with challenges few people ever face. As a young child she was drawn to make a difference in the world yet she was approaching thirty and still working at a job that was far from fulfilling.
Andy Martin can hardly wait for his family’s vacation to begin! He’s already packed and ready to go. His family is finishing up a few projects before they can leave, so Andy decides to check in on Mom, Dad, and brother, Pete. 
Yearning to escape the constant pressure from his family to lead a life he doesn’t want, Eiji Takezo hops in his beaten up Honda and makes a run for it. As he travels across the backroads of America to contemplate what he wants to do with his life, his car unexpectedly breaks down and he finds himself stranded in Cedar Springs, Oklahoma.
Dreaming is a fascinating part of people’s lives, regardless of age. Scientists have suggested different functions of dreams: organizing one’s thoughts, coping with challenges, and plain creativity when the mind is not engaged in physical activity.
Rianna believes that she can do anything if she practices long enough. She has big goals and dreams. Her biggest dream is to compete on an Olympic team for gymnastics.
Catherine was obsessed with finding the letter, which would lead her to finding the treasure. She was sure that it would take care of all their financial woes and save the farm that had been in her family for generations. What she didn't know, was that there was someone else out there who was looking possess the treasure.
Bullseye chronicles the six-week adventure of an amnesiac widowed journalist working in Spain. Peter had been floundering in his own American abyss after the horrific accident. He had few ideas of his own that weren’t drowned in the blend of alcohol and meds. His life had to be told to him by the vaguely familiar faces of others.
Pilgrim by David Stewart is a short, fiction novel which deals with the spiritual journey of an Aboriginal man named Daniel. It is written in the philosophical genre, with powerful and lyrical prose. Daniel is a tormented soul who leaves a successful career in Sydney on a quest for Purpose.
My book is intended for young children, to encourage them to work hard, find their talent and overcome any fears they might have when trying something new.
It is 1979 in Macon, Georgia, when Jake Goodson embarks on a quest to rescue his children from the clutches of a religious cult that has already charmed his ex-wife, Madeline, into its snares. But when the Vietnam War veteran begins receiving unwarranted attacks on his character and threats to stop his quest from Madeline’s attorneys, Jake must act fast or lose his children forever.
Explore uncharted kingdoms, solve ancient mysteries, or make your own adventure from one of our novels.


Udi and The Animals is a story of a lonely girl who loved animals and found comfort in them. One day she prayed and received a gift of understanding and speaking animal language.
Udi and The Animals is a story of a lonely girl who loved animals and found comfort in them. One day she prayed and received a gift of understanding and speaking animal language.
All the animal kingdom accepted Udi as one of them.
"This is a cute children’s book that teaches an important lesson to children who may want to skip school for no real reason at all. The story Pang has written is an entertaining one, and the illustrations by Dwain Esper are of a high quality that match the written descriptions perfectly.
Have you ever been alone and afraid in your bed? Did you hear or see something you could not make out? In this short tale, a young boy goes through what the rest of us go through. There’s a monster under his bed.
THE ADVENTURES OF THE OTWAY THREE is a story about three Australian bush animals, who live in Barramunga, near Stevenson’s Falls in Victoria. Their names are Kandy Koala, Willie Wombat and Edison Echidna.
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