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An Eclectic Collage is a collection of poems that studies not only the vicissitudes of the natural world but that of humanity, as well. His most challenging subjects are men and women and the interactions between the two, although there is something equally mesmerizing about the changing foliage of fall from green to oranges and reds.
There is a weight to being alive. Everyone bears life’s stones: some stones are light, others heavy; some are significant, others miniscule. They are our upbringing, environment, memories, mental and physical health, decisions we have made, lessons we have learned, people we interact with, experiences we have had, and other factors—for better or worse or with no particular outcome at all.
Absorb vibrant cultures and perspectives from our collection of prose and rhymes.


If the stewards of religion would allow people to communicate with whatever they believe in, humanity would be a lot better off.
The emphasis of this book is on the magnificence of God and our desire to obtain as much of His holiness in our hearts as we can.
Yahweh Coffee and Me invites its readers on a journey of self evaluation, hope, and healing, through thought provoking daily devotions. It’s relatable stories and challenging scripture are sure to bring Godly inspiration, conviction, and encouragement. May your soul be warmed and invigorated as you taste and experience the goodness of God through each and every day of Yahweh, Coffee & Me.
For Christ did not enter a holy place made by hands, a mere copy of the true one, but into heaven itself, now to appear in the presence of God for us; nor was it that He would offer Himself often, as the high priest enters the Holy Place year by year with blood that is not his own. Otherwise, He would have needed to suffer often since the foundation of the world; but now once at the consummation of the ages He has been revealed to put away sin by the sacrifice of Himself.
We always tried to celebrate the Jewish Holidays as a family. Starting when our children were young, it soon became apparent to us that it was much better and much more meaningful if as part of our celebration, we discussed each holiday with each other, talking about why the holiday is celebrated, its origin and history, how it is celebrated and very importantly its meaning, relevance and value to us today and what we can learn and use in our everyday lives.
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Charlie Gray and his wife Pam emigrate from England to South Africa, a country sinking under the scourge of apartheid, to start as an engineer in the gold mines. His life appears on the surface to be charmed, but he lives under the shadow of a terrifying instance of abuse in his childhood. Tragedies occur in his marriage and he is forced to leave. He moves, first to Nauru, then to Australia where his life begins to resemble that of the biblical character Job. Things happen to him, events beyond his control. He is powerless to stop them until he meets Emma, a distant cousin, and in a return to Scotland and the place where the story began he finally throws off the shackles of the past.
No form of paper currency has ever survived a full credit cycle of about 70 years. The US dollar will be no different. It is doomed. When it does finally collapse in the midst of debt, bailouts, the Federal reserve printing money out of thin air, societal chaos will ensue.
Twenty years of PTSD have passed and Bryan is still unable to put the pieces of his past together, unaware that a portion of his life has been blotted out.
A leopard cannot change its spots, but can a man change his life? Ray Ferris' career is on the skids while his nymphomaniac wife Susan manages to escape from his alcoholism, his cruelty and his miserly nature. As Ray fights his addiction he has a fortuitous meeting with a young street busker. Other characters enter both his and Susan's lives, as well as a strange windfall of cash that affects each of them in different ways. They gather at the debut concert of a newly-formed orchestra where a shocking accident leads to an unexpected conclusion. This is a story of love and humiliation, of diminished responsibility and survival, of musical talent and the many possibilities of second chances.
Jen's headaches were becoming unbearable. They hit out of the blue and lasted for hours. Then she met a psychiatrist who hypnotized her, and found that a variety of people from various periods in time who waiting to talk to her. And to ask favors of her that she is sure she couldn't possibly fulfill. So, the headaches continued.
John Madden is born into a poor working class family. He has an abusive father, who acts like a puppeteer, an expert in mind control, while his mother is timid and subservient. At school he is mocked and bullied. but later, as an apprentice mechanic at TAFE, John meets Helen with whom he falls in love and marries. The question is: Will John turn out to be like his father? And if he does how will Helen react? And will she be able to escape from the marriage if she finds it necessary, for to leave is the hardest thing anyone ever has to do?
Rocky Place is a short street in the coastal village of Wintersea. Attempting to regenerate their failing mariage Quentin and Lyn move there to live. One of their two children has become uncontrollable, further complicating their relationship. As they start life in their new house a dispute develops with their neighbours, a licentious family whose lives revolve round loud music, bumper stickers and sex. The problems that arise from this conflict start affecting other residents of Rocky Place, together with both the children and friends of the two families. In the heat of summer events become increasingly fraught, leading to a horrific tragedy that no one saw coming, but many could have stopped. “We're all to blame,” said Lyn. “Every one of us.”
A true, hard, stinging erotic spanking was what Jade knew she wanted, a flogging that could somehow wash away all the dirty feelings she would feel if she didn’t have it. The resurfacing memories of past interludes were awakened in her by this man all at once, this man that she knew might have the power to erase all her past kinky fuckery and indiscretions (pre-Charlie), make her repentant, and somehow make her pure again and not the sex-depraved woman she had become in her mind in recalling past exploits and revelling in them. Here was the man who could make all her erotic fantasies untainted again and somehow more acceptable, normal, and safe; a man who could be her match in every aspect, physical, mental, and sexual; a man who could appreciate her dark sexual side and actually embrace it with vigour. Could Mac be this man?
A Post-Titanic mystery novel unravels Titanic’s untold secret.
Once a year in the Summer the week before Vacation Bible School, we would have a exciting parade so everyone will know to come to Vacation Bible School at Donahue Church.
Sometimes there comes a time when reality fades and the unbelievable happens. Such is the moment when Levi Reid walks into Telbereth, a land of fantastic talking creatures, adventure, and a touch of whimsy.
Panda and his best friend Flamingo decide to leave the zoo for an awesome adventure.
Explore uncharted kingdoms, solve ancient mysteries, or make your own adventure from one of our novels.


Udi and The Animals is a story of a lonely girl who loved animals and found comfort in them. One day she prayed and received a gift of understanding and speaking animal language.
Udi and The Animals is a story of a lonely girl who loved animals and found comfort in them. One day she prayed and received a gift of understanding and speaking animal language.
All the animal kingdom accepted Udi as one of them.
"This is a cute children’s book that teaches an important lesson to children who may want to skip school for no real reason at all. The story Pang has written is an entertaining one, and the illustrations by Dwain Esper are of a high quality that match the written descriptions perfectly.
Have you ever been alone and afraid in your bed? Did you hear or see something you could not make out? In this short tale, a young boy goes through what the rest of us go through. There’s a monster under his bed.
THE ADVENTURES OF THE OTWAY THREE is a story about three Australian bush animals, who live in Barramunga, near Stevenson’s Falls in Victoria. Their names are Kandy Koala, Willie Wombat and Edison Echidna.
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The readers should be motivated by the passionate approach even the author was born with severe diarrhoea illness. The reverse might give a mighty force to a person the power who deserved it - "Be like a butterfly, go where you can fulfil your life purpose." (with permission from Eric Chia 2019).
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), ageism leads to poorer health among young and old; social isolation, earlier deaths and cost economies billions. To combat ageism, WHO recommends educational activities that enhance empathy and dispel misconceptions, and intergenerational activities to reduce prejudice.
Living and growing with grief is not simple or easy, but this guide can help you on your journey.
Come dream along with Zach, a young adult with special needs. Every person struggles and has obstacles to overcome. Zach is no different.
Once again, Rosie offers her wisdom with innocence and open curiosity in this third book in the series Rosie Knows.
There is no available information at this time.
This Book is about... •Enjoying sharing and helping others •Showing that you care by sharing with others •Sharing a house with a blue mouse •Helping a red whale caught by its tail •Being the best that you can be •Making learning fun with your child
This Book is about.... •Why bullying is no good •How forgiving others helps heal our heart •Giving a helping hand •Why helping others, is important •Why changing the way you think, can lead to friendship`s that last a life time
This Book is about ....-How to follow your heart and hit your goals--How can`t is a word that can leave a scar--Helping others to grow with confidence -Never giving up until it is all done -Always giving your best -Making learning fun
In The Return you will journey with us, through this true story, of changing times and hope.
Learn how to use mandalas to access and harness intuitive wisdom and guidance.
"Have you ever felt someone's eyes on the back of your head? Or perhaps you may have known who was on the phone, even before you lifted the receiver. Science calls these moments of knowing anomalies. If an anomaly cannot be measured it does not exist so far as science is concerned. I wonder how science measures a mind.
This is a warts-and-all account in letter form of a five-month-old baby afflicted with one of the worst forms of meningitis and surviving but being left with two thirds brain damage. This happened in Fiji, and the family traveled to the US to seek treatment. This book describes that treatment and the effects of the brain damage in extreme hyperactivity and epilepsy. The book sets out the strain on the family as they seek to cope as their lives unfold in two placesin the US and then in Australia.
For years, numerous parents, teachers, and coaches asked what I was doing special to raise my son. This book is my blueprint that I used to raise my son to be an articulate, self-confident, intelligent, and extraordinary young man and leader. I want to inspire other parents to raise their sons with similar attributes to my son who was taught to be extraordinary from the moment he was born.
The December 30, 2021, Marshall Fire outside of Boulder will be remembered as the most destructive inferno in Colorado history and one of the top fifteen worst fires in the western U.S. In a little over four hours, the fire, fueled by high velocity Chinook winds, burns 6,026 acres, consumes 1,084 structures, and damages many additional. Over 37,500 residents evacuate. Most flee without receiving any warning, leaving with little more than the shirts on their backs, escaping a fire burning minutes behind. Miraculously, only two persons are killed and eight injured during the fire. Though everyone’s story is unique, common experiences abound. Scenes during the fire are surreal with one house engulfed in flames while its neighbor sits untouched with Christmas lights twinkling. The fury of the wind decides what burns and what stands untouched.
Author Sonja A. Christiansen was born in Frankfurt, Germany, just after World War II. After coming to the United States as a child and growing up in Montville, Maine, she understood she had abilities that were different from others’. She could handle wild animals, for example—picking up wild raccoons and moving them out of the cellar or feeding wild bears by hand.
This is a continuation of the story of Anne Angelo, as published in the companion book: A Sprig of White Heather and a Scottish Lass. It is a heart-warming story that completely justifies the researching and writing. It demonstrates how inexorably lives can be shaped and directed by the circumstances of birth and the environment in which the formative years are spent.
This is the story of Anne Angelo. It is a heart-warming story that demonstrates how inexorably lives can be shaped and directed by the circumstances of birth and the environment in which the formative years are spent.
Learn how to use mandalas to access and harness intuitive wisdom and guidance.