Poetry, humor, illustrations, a personal examination of mental challenges along with a deep grasp of spiritual matters infuse this big, readable work by Rich Melcher.
This book attempts to show where the public is being deceived into believing erroneous assumptions as factual by the media and in academic circles worldwide without scientific corroboration and provides a contrarian view to the predominant consensus.
This book discusses Jesus’s seven “I am” sayings in the Gospel according to John. Each one is presented in three ways: “Who Jesus Is,” “What Jesus Does,” and “What Jesus Wants Us to Do.”
Many have tried to understand Revelation, but evidently few have actually taken the visions apart to study their chronology.
My conception towards life has been a fight since I was a child until now as an adult. Not born into money, or wealth as they say. I have tried to do a good job making a living for myself. Though I am an artist (painter), as you know, artists starve. I am a songwriter but that too in today's age is very hard to accomplish.
I began this endeavor because I too, love poetry and music. Through mothers’ voice, artistically, mine own begun, to resonate; at high pitch when asked of me, in well-formed formulae. Bound, within these pages is my magnum opus.
There is a great need for poetry in this world. Words twisted together can let the imagination travel through time and place and connects you with a sense of emotional expression and understanding - like all forms of Art.
Poppy’s poems are unique and from the heart reflecting his strong love of his country and its freedoms. Poppy was a quiet, unpublished poet and this book is about his poetry.
My collection of poems has anything from my personal life experiences to a little advice based on those experiences, to thoughts that I had to put down on paper, to me giving my own definition of a word then elaborating on it.
Dust from the Attic is a volume of poems that offers a poignant look inside a life of love, heartbreak, and the realization of a lifelong truth.
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The 3D identity you have lived out, consciously and unconsciously, was chosen by your soul, your oversoul, your highest expression of you, and God. But you have lived unconsciously for far too long, hindering the growth of your soul and, more importantly, hurting and polluting Gaia, the nucleus and epicenter of the intergalactic community.
Lois E. Scott has generated and collected pithy one-liners for the past 50 years, gems that her husband Fred refers to as LOISisms. These one-liners can cut through the froth to the heart of a topic with wisdom, common sense, and often humor.
Bringing the Church Back to Christ is an 11th hour cry to a fragmented Church urgently in need of healing before she can truly be an instrument of healing to the nations.
Meditations of the Overcomer takes you through the process of effective meditation of God’s Word revealing keys to being an overcomer through Christ.
So much of what passes for Christianity today is grounded in feelings, experiences, false teachings, or new revelations. Christians need to know if we are indeed on the right path.
From Pre-Tribulation to Mid-Tribulation, and to Post Tribulation, are these ideas all right, or are they all wrong? Are there any other view points, and are they correct? In this Bible study, different view points will be looked at, but mostly scripture will be used.
Then John (the Baptist) testified, I saw the spirit come down from heaven as a dove and remain on him. I would not have known him except that the one who sent me to baptize with water told me, The man on whom you see the spirit come down and remain is he who will baptize with the Holy spirit. I have seen and I testify that this is the son of God.
The book is largely concerned with Jesus’ contemptuous dismissal of ‘the rules of men’ in religion.It’s simply pitiful that such rules now abound in Christian religions.
We are living in the last days as described in the Bible. We are constantly surrounded by threats of war. There are starving people throughout the world. Across the globe, Christians are being murdered and tortured for their faith. Devastation from natural disasters seems to be becoming more commonplace and less shocking.
This book is being published as gift to the Chaminade-Nativity Community of Faith - It is they who brought me from a very dark place into the light.  They restored my faith and gave me hope. Like Ezekiel’s vision (37) in the graveyard, I received the Holy Spirit and came to life!  This is my gift to them.
Many scriptures, evangelists, pastors, and circumstances reveal that the majority of professed Christians requesting salvation are not saved at all!
As the accounts above illustrate, there is no single way that God helps; the important thing is that God is there to help—always! Even in my specific experiences, when I did not make the specific request, he provided an answer.
Without question, having competent women in leadership can certainly enhance the vitality of any organization. Sadly, too often women are not given equal opportunities and are left doubting their sense of self and their abilities.
These are trouble times. There is an abundance of anxiety and stress to dominate your thoughts and life. This book can open up a whole new level of reality for you and give you peace and a new understanding of what’s going on; as if the consciousness of the universe is speaking directly to you.
There are trails through time blazed by almost invisible figures, including one of the greatest heroes of the American Revolution: Dr. Joseph Warren.
The bull thought I was dead. He looked up from the shattered mess he made of my bow and arrows and stared directly into my eyes. His empty gaze pierced through me while he prepared to mount his final charge. I knew my life was over.
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When Penman Author and Arty Illustrator are given a writing assignment. They are thrilled! But when Illustrator falls ill and has to stay in bed, a huge dilemma is created.
Follow along with Jane, a happy energetic young girl and her friends, as they gather together and play every day.
This is a story poem about a make-believe animal family that feels like they need to wear pants but can’t seem to get it to work for them. (Pants falling down is always funny).
Henry’s story can be anyone’s. It’s a tale of how to escape the humdrum of everyday life to venture out into the vast world outside of one’s own home. Sometimes, these adventures bring danger.
In the winter, when it’s cold outside, many animals find nice warm places to go to sleep and only wake up again in the spring, when the weather grows warm once more. This is called hibernation!
This is a story about a teddy bear that comes to life when seen by a little girl in a toy store and all the good times he had with her.
Yoga isn’t complicated because it’s mostly about breathing, moving your body, and then being still, all with awareness.
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Psychic Housewife is a powerful, entertaining, thought provoking memoir as well as a practical guide for discovering life, lessons, and unlocking your own intuition. We are all born intuitive, with an inner compass that serves as a guide for our soul.
Humanity is longing not only for a reprieve from the chaos surrounding us, but also a healthy, genuine balance that allows us to find inner peace. The good news is that our epiphanies and “aha” moments can serve as a human release while offering a meaningful rejuvenation from the angst, anxiety, or looming darkness of our present scenarios.
Thanks to her mother’s steadfastness in letter writing, Kathy Vikre received news from home once a week for nearly forty years. Within handwritten letters that began with “Dear Kath” and ended with “Love, Mom,” Kathy’s mother shined a light on her Catholic beliefs, compassion, and boundless energy.
The book is basically an account of the lives of two people from the age of 17, to mature adulthood. The many problems that were overcome. The varied ways in which difficulties of relationships were dealt with and in most cases resolved.
I believe that the best way to see any new place is to drive. This book takes you on a journey from Sydney to Melbourne, Australia, stopping at various exciting attractions along the way.
This book has a twofold purpose. It provides future family members with a historical time line of the Bishop family while supplying references to the rural way of life. Persons wishing to learn about how life once was lived by country folks will find many facts about a lifestyle that has faded with time.
Dr. Babu Moses, based on his Hindu/Indian heritage and from his clinical experiences as board-certified electromyographer/hypnotherapist, takes past life regression into a profound religious experience through biblical concepts.
At a Particular Age: Heavy Snow Revisited is the story of a son taking care of his father who is slowly and painfully disappearing into Alzheimer's disease. Through the illustrated-vignette style of the book the author was able to portray with poignancy and humor the tragedy of Alzheimer's and the terrible strain it puts on the caregiver, family and friends.
Some people get confused and think exercise is fun. They end up with strange looking bulges on their bodies and sometimes even forget about sex altogether, except perhaps in the mirror. Their genitals seem to somehow get lost in the competition of shapes and bulges.
HOE is an inspirational and uplifting read designed to help you find the door to your happiness. This sensational book offers scientific discoveries that will help you gain control over the voices in your head, and take stride into the destiny of your choice.
I wrote this book over ten years ago when I became disturbed by the rise of divorce in the Black Community
The back story about "Lil Hal's Giant Christmas Box" goes like this. . . Hal's uncle Clarence had a car repair shop. Hal really loved to watch his uncle at work. But for weeks he was kept away so Hal won't see his uncle's very special project. Clarence had acquired a used race car that needed repairs. The car had a Delco light plant for a motor and used airplane landing tires.
This is a picture of myself along the Columbia River placed in symmetry. It shows the yielding receptive power of the yin aspect of the I-Ching which is the trigram number two “The Receptive”.
At the end of the year of 2015, an international conference shall take place in Paris to which the UN has invited the leaders of all nations in order to make an internationally binding treaty about the necessary measures for preventing that the global warming surpasses the limit of two degrees since the beginning of industrialization.
A very personal look at the development of China from 1973 to 2013 - from Mao to Hu. The author was in the Advance Party that reestablished U.S. relations with China in May 1973 during the time of Mao and Zhou Enlai.
It’s about freedom. This uplifting little book with inspirational messages from an earth spirit to her human sister focuses on freedom from our hardwired conditioning of “musts” and “shoulds.” It will appeal to anyone questioning the meaning of their lives.
Training your brain is the science of changing your negative belief system by reprogramming the subconscious mind in order to change your life’s circumstances for the better.
It’s understood marriage and the family unit a child experiences during childhood, effects on their adult life such as career decisions, personal relationships, and mental health. This book examines this exact role of how my Mom and Dad balanced work and family for the betterment of their children and their future success.
The unexpected collection of my parents ashes from the crematorium opened the door to a new adventure in dealing my parents death that I personally found very liberating for my soul. It marked the beginning of a personal pilgrimage of faith I had no intention of taking, I thought I was dealing with my parents remains.
The Angel Code is your safe harbour. Whatever may be occurring within you, your family, your relationships or in the world, The Angel Code is now in your life to support you, to safely guide and help you to flourish, to experience more clarity, peace, hope and trust.
Choosing to live with greater meaning; we have the power to excel in what you believe to be right or wrong.
Leanne has long been interested in the power of meditation and has studied Reiki and crystal healing. Late in 2017, Leanne awoke one night reciting the first few lines of this book and knew instantly they needed to be built on and shared with the world.
Quarantine Reflections across Two Worlds is a captivating memoir about life in two strikingly different worlds, an ardent defense of freedom, and a thought-provoking analysis of current events and ideologies.
The words of this book are deftly written from the unique perspective of an airborne infantry soldier who dropped out of engineering school to enlist as an 18X special forces recruit. The values, candor, and passion of this philosophically, morally, and ethically-grounded paratrooper reach through the murky relativism of our time and beckon the reader to think and to act.
In this, her first published work, she shares her long sojourn from the miry pit of a childhood replete with complex trauma and evil~ to the healing heights of the life giving arms of her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Somebody's Hero is a story about everyday heroes. This story helps families and educators to have conversations, with their children, about random acts of kindness, and how they make the people feel giving or receiving those efforts.
I wanted to finally lose weight and keep it off after many years of fluctuating with my weight. I have gone up and down with my weight either 30-40 pounds or just 10 pounds numerous times in my life.
This is a break through book for the Defence Force property investor (Joe Passione; leading builder, developer, and director of Prime Projects Construction).
could not believe what I was reading! Five days of wondering if he felt the same way I did! Wondering if he felt he same jolt of electricity run through his body each time our hands touched! Wondering if he felt the same elation that I did! Now, I'm thinking that he did! He wanted me to meet him in the garden after dinner! I am petrified! What do I do?
Imagine That! … sets its readers on the path to find the Higher Self. It fosters an inspirational journey into new levels of understanding, using Seven Philosophical Arts to expose elements in the beauty of life.
This book is written about my personal experience and grief after the death of my husband. I had deep depression with being alone after 25 years. Trying day and night to overcome the grief. I felt like I was in a valley and did not know how to get out. Praying, remembering and reflecting on the beautiful life we had.
Diagnosed in late February 2019 with terminal brain cancer, Maureen was given as little as four months to live. Against the odds, her healing journey continued through weeks and then months of traditional and integrative healing practices.
The author Betty Cooper, for almost sixty years, facilitated professional and community classes and programs—peace, personal and family development, social justice, etc. This way of life abruptly stopped on March 13, 2018, with the death of her husband of sixty-two years.
Like the lotus… Rise above the muck and mire. The beautiful lotus flower has its roots in the muddy waters where it grows and from which it draws its sustenance. Yet the flower rises above it all to bloom in all its glory and bring joy to all who see it, seemingly untouched by the ugliness of where its roots are. This is why it is a symbol of the resilience of our spirits in their capacity to rise above the harsh conditions of life in this world.
Angels of Warwick a family saga/murder mystery/romance. The little stone angels in the cemetery knew what happened that night, they werent talking..nor was I.
Your argument of how to protect the goose that laid the golden egg by defending freedom, civil society, and capitalism from the pernicious effects of Progressivism seems compelling to me. Moreover your account of the rise of progressivism in the U.S.is must reading for anyone who would take a stand on political issues.
Although it is a beautiful day outside, within the sun shining and birds singing, Sammy and Jakie are feeling sad. Their daddy has died, and they miss him very much.
Meditations of the Mind is a collection of poems designed for the edification of an all-powerful God, who is greater than anything in heaven or on earth. I pray that whoever reads these words will find hope where they thought there was none. I ask you to let these poems resonate in your mind and realize that God is always with us no matter where we are.
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Christopher who is unable to use his speech using his wonderful imagination along with his Mother and Father's input of reading him books.Grandmother expressing how he is a very special person as our Creator of all things.
Imagine all the stories your parents told you as a child were true—tales of fantastical creatures of both the light and the dark, daring and handsome knights, and beautiful princesses. Well, far beyond the southern hills exists a land full of life and magic—the perfect place to commence a grand adventure.
“World Betrayed” is the sequel and continuing story of “World Aflame”. The mysterious, and to date undefeated fires, continue to burn around the world threatening all life on the planet.
Faces and voices, places and events, from the riches of my memories were floating in a soft bubble. Somewhere in my subconscious I knew I was dreaming, but somehow, I didn’t want that bubble to burst. I wanted to spend time with them. abandoned polar bear cub is rescued from an unlikely place in the Arctic Circle. His struggle to survive is a constant worry for his caregivers.
An abandoned polar bear cub is rescued from an unlikely place in the Arctic Circle. His struggle to survive is a constant worry for his caregivers.
After World War I, follow Ava the daughter of an Irish immigrant family in America at the height of the Roaring Twenties, looking for love.
A tale filled with as much danger as inevitable destiny, Level of Conspiracy: Inception captures the imagination by dispelling coincidences, and exposing conspiracy.
Living in Puerto Rico as a single mom and schoolteacher, was not an easy feat. Struggling to make ends meet, the only way to break the cycle, was to move northbound to the United States, our mainland. Florida became our new home, and despite the change of scenery, language, and culture, I was determined to raise my daughter culturally aware of her origins.
The Gill family: Garner, Michaela (Mike), and their children: Ross 16, and Alexis 10, have recently moved to Brockton, a small Vermont town.
As a boy, Jim Baker was fascinated with guns. Every man wore a sidearm for protection. Jim really was not interested in the protective side, he just wanted to see how fast he could draw his gun and how accurate he could be.
The 850 Ballers - Come travel with Raphael, Biskit, Jessie, and Ronald. These fifth graders from a neighborhood basketball team will come to remember one special week.
The Legend of Kringle is the tale of a brilliant boy who grew into a remarkable man. This astonishing story will explain everything you wanted to know about Santa Claus, that has never been told before. From his childhood adventures as Kris Nicholas Kringle, until later, when he became a man, and was given the name Santa Claus, that we all love and adore.
Meet me by the Rainbow is an engaging collection of stories about two, darling chipmunks, Billy, and Suzy. They live on Rainbow Island, an enchanted place where there’s always a pretty rainbow in the sky.
The Case of the Missing Carp is a true story about a young family of five and an exciting mystery that happened to them when they were visitors in Japan.
By worldly standards, Kate Cunningham is a success. Driven to achieve by her demanding father, Kate has fought her way into partnership at a prestigious Manhattan law firm. Unfortunately, professional success has come at a terrible personal cost, leaving Kate lonely, sad, and with only her elderly Siamese cat as her constant companion.
For all of Girard’s life fleeting images about the mystery if his birth had tortured his mind. Always there had been shadows of another existence, another life. Another being seeing to force him toward what it wanted.
While Dr. Moser has written numerous poems regarding his relationships with his indwelling God, this is his first venture into the spiritual world. He takes issue with the common thinking about Judas Iscariot and Mary Magdalene. He then follows Jesus through his last supper, Good Friday, and crucifixion. Subsequent to his historical moments, he discusses the issues among Jesus, his dad, and his sister, Shekhinah.
Ever since I became a vampire, I always felt the need to move. Nothing seemed to satisfy the constant need for movement. I tried everything and went everywhere. I studied every possible fighting style every corner of the earth had to offer. Nothing ever lasted for long. Until I found a certain flyer six years after I was turned. That flyer changed my life, in more ways than one.
Puffy and the Formidable Foe is an easy-to-read book about a youngster who goes out to play, then leaves home, and learns what a mistake that is. It also promises loads of fun and enjoyment for everyone in the family since Mom and Dad will be grateful for Puffys important message about straying from home.
An Inca tomb with gold artifacts and an incredibly rare finely woven white tunic was found deep in the South American Andes by a geological expedition searching the area.
English rose Sally Wiltshire is on a mission. She’s fallen in love with Australia and wants to live there. She’s also fallen for gorgeous Aussie hunk Rick. But to her dismay, Sally finds that Rick’s got himself a moody girlfriend since they last met - and is off limits.
Falling through bathroom windows and into trash cans, keeping your mother out of dumpsters and trash bins … When everything offends your sensibilities, relaxing makes you nervous, and you hate camping but your spouse loves it… When a carpool member is SO annoying but makes you laugh like you’ve never laughed before.
Kayleigh, a woman of faith, shares her journey of heart break through a difficult marriage and a painful divorce. She meets and falls in love with a married man who proceeds to divorce his wife and marry her. She believed his lies and allowed him to manipulate her into a long-term relationship.
This is the true tale of L.Y.K. (pronounced like). His lyfe did not begin so bryght- only he knows about his plyght.
If we are looking for a reason to prove why we exist, if we are looking for a real purpose in our lives, maybe we should ask God to, “Please, use us in some way to be of a help to those in need.” Could it be that, as people lift their discouraged voices to God to send someone to help them, that God is hearing their prayers, answering them, and sending you, to be used by God to meet their financial needs? We each have a purpose in life. This could be yours!
Have you ever driven down a country road and noticed a majestic old tree? Have you ever wondered what stories that tree could tell about the things it has seen? If Only That Tree Could Talk addresses that very question, presenting the history of Louisiana from the perspective of a plantation live oak.
An up and coming lawyer in Tucson, Arizona, Larry Ross takes just about any case that walks through his door. But his next client may prove to be more than even he can handle.
Rev. Thaddeus Lamb is in a world of trouble. A true believer and a man of God, he is having a terrible time protecting his small town, family, and church from the ravages of social change in the sinful 70s.
Jeremy Longtail’s life is about to change. He is a gerbil who lives with a little girl named Carrie, who loses interest in him and leaves him alone too often. In his free time, he watches the “glowing box” that teaches him things about reading and about a faraway place called Mongolia, where his ancestors came from.
A dramatic story of a talented young designer who was forced to flee her home to protect her family and friends from criminal elements, who killed her husband and were intending to do the same to her.
Stop! In the real world, life can get so hard it is almost impossible to see a way out! If you knew what would happen after death, would you make the same choices in your life as you have? Or would you stay to ensure changes were made? Aborting the fate that may await you? This is the choice Katelyn must make.
Celah was the first female born to her family in over 520 years. Her ancestors’ involvement in the assassination of a king in 1342 brought a curse upon the family that prevented any female births for twenty-four generations.
Qiang is the son of Chao, a peasant farmer whose wife is Nuan. When Qiang was very young Nuan gave birth to a little girl, Lan. Qiang and Lan become inseparable. But Nuan notices that when Qiang goes off to school, after a time he comes home late.
As a little girl, Mary Beth Strikker always had dreamed of becoming a great and prestigious lawyer. She went to college and graduated the top of her class with honors.
Peter Michael Webb has two dreams in life: becoming a published author and finding true love. To his great surprise, accomplishing the latter proves far more difficult.
Lilbeebye was a regular little girl that had a secret power to sting honey love into the hearts of those who bullied and picked on other children who were afraid to defend themselves.
In a little town in the woods, the towns folk explore a mysterious noise from down the long dirt road. To the surprise of all, it is coming from inside the house but what is causing the noise.
The Last Battle – set after World War II and before the Vietnam War – is the bittersweet story of Col. William George and the men he leads.
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